WORLDGATE COMMUNITY INTERNATIONAL  a division of Honor Valor Courage Corporation announced today the plans to build many new Projects throughout the Greater Caribbean, the Americas and in the United States. Mr. Butts the Chairman of Honor Valor Courage Corporation stated that the team assembled for WorldGate Community International, design projects will be duplicated with buildings totaling over 2,500,000 square feet under roof at all our projects. The WorldGate Community International Grenada project is a project being currently considered for development. We have identified two Islands to be purchased off the coast of Grenada the Spice Isle for our project.

 WorldGate Community International  can build our project anywhere in the world. WorldGate Community International is currently analyzing a major project for Grenada to open in 2024 and analyzing projects in the Bahamas’s and Panama planned to be opened by 2025.  Additional projects are also being planned around the world.

                                                                                                       WE BUY THE ISLANDS AND BUILD FROM THE SEA!

                                                                                                                              TECHNOLOGIES DEPLOYED


WorldGate Community International entire project will rise from the sea! We are using a process known as DEEP CEMENT MIXING TECHNOLOGY. Deep Cement Mixing (DCM) is a civil engineering deep foundation technique where a binder material, typically cement, is injected into the ground for ground stabilization and land reclamation. In ground stabilization applications it is typically used to obtain a better load bearing capability of the existing soil, e.g. in order to bear buildings and other structures. The restrictions for development of these massive projects have been eliminated.

This advanced method of construction will allow our vast project to be completed on time and on budget. DEEP CEMENT MIXING is more expensive upfront but when you look at the cost of delay which standard construction reclamation techniques are known for, the cost is justified, and with the monetized value of the project at over $80,000,000,000 when open the decision was simple. Also, the time to completion is cut in about half and allows WorldGate Community International  project to be built concurrently with our Modular Direct building schedule to completion and  HVCC ASSEMBLY & LOGISTIC GROUP meet the opening dates we set. 

Every WorldGate Community International project will follow the same design and engineering as well as all building on the project are identical, which allows for the amazingly fast buildout and development of our projects. It also allows for the ease of construction and cabling of the project since every detail can be preconfigured.

All building on WorldGate Community International are built in modular format and built in the United States by Modular Direct. Modular Direct has four plants that will be capable of building our modular for the projects. Each modular is built using Structural insulated panels (SIPs) high-performance building system for the room construction. The panels consist of an insulating foam core sandwiched between two structural facings, typically oriented strand board (OSB). The entire modular is sprayed with a fire retardant that prevent burning up to 2600 degrees for 0ver 1 hour.

All communication, electric cables, Pre-Action fire suppression systems and alarms and panel boxes as well as all plumbing connections are installed at the factory in Pennsylvania for all module. All Modular Direct construction is rated at United States Hurricane level 5.

Modules are staged at the staging points near the Modular Direct factory which is located nearest to the port where the modular are to be shipped to. HVCC ASSEMBLY & LOGISTIC GROUP provides and coordinates all shipping.


WorldGate Community International buildings will be connected by armored fiber OC48 cable which will be installed, splice and connect by HVCC TELECOMM DATACOMM WORLD. OC48 internet surpasses even Gigabit Ethernet technology and are used heavily with regional ISPs (internet service providers). Every building on the project will be connected on an OC48 Fiber Ring then spliced and connected to each building’s requirements off the OC48 Fiber Ring.

WorldGate Community International will install 4G, 5G and eventually 6G when available in all our projects. This will create the fastest possible interconnection for our guests and clients in every location. WorldGate Community International also will deploy RingCentral Unified Communication at every location which cover over 179 countries with point to point dialing between all WorldGate Community International properties. RingCentral Video will be installed for room to room and room to building video communications. RingCental GLIP Collaboration Network will also be available in every room and building. Full direct international cell phone service will also provide to all guest over the WorldGate Communication Networks. 

WorldGate Communication Networks will also provide the uplink and down links for the WorldGate Community International  Syndicated Cable Reality TV Show WorldGate.


SOLAR  WIND AND OTHER GREEN ENERGY will be utilized throughout the entire project is based on the most advanced energy technologies including a 20 MW Solar Field, Solar Storage System, DER (Distributed energy resources), EMS (Energy Management Systems), Thin Film Solar on all building structures, Solar Tiles on all roofs, advanced wind turbines, wave energy turbines, thermal coating on all walls, solar umbrellas at all areas, and even solar fabric curtains in all areas in the hotel and other buildings being developed by Penn State University. With over 100,000 window curtains on the property this will produce considerable additional solar power to our Solar Storage Systems. HVCC ENERGY GROUP will be working with Penn State on this application for WorldGate Communities International  projects. Every Solar, system send the energy to the energy storage systems which then sends to the DER System to be managed by the EMS system over the Electrical Micro Grid to every building on the property.

**Felecia Davis, assistant professor at the Stuckeman Center for Design Computing. John Badding, professor of chemistry, physics, and material sciences and engineering at Penn State, states this technology is razor thin, much like a strand of hair, but it can collect energy from all sides, and its flexibility makes it conducive to being weaved into fabric. The fiber’s utility as a strand-based solar cell.


WASTE TO ENERGY is an important issue on our projects since we are building on Islands. Every project will have its own self-contained Waste to Energy system incorporated in the project. These waisted to energy systems will be utilized to convert waste from our project into fuel which will then be utilized for production concrete for our own future developments saving huge cost, as well as many other fuels requirements. This SRF fuel will be a set-a side for WorldGate Community International project with various cement producers like Lehigh Cement Company LLC. in Pennsylvania a major client of Entsorga. SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) is a fuel produced by shredding and dehydrating solid waste, typically consisting of combustible components of municipal solid waste (MSW) such as;

Biodegradable waste; food and kitchen waste, green waste, paper.
Recyclable material; paper; glass, bottles, cans, metals, certain plastics, fabrics, clothes, etc.
Inert waste; construction and demolition waste; dirt, rocks, debris.
Composite wastes; waste clothing, Tetra-Packs, waste plastics such as toys, garden furniture etc.

 WorldGate Community International  will work with Entsorga a world leader who has developed a remarkable number of solutions in the fields of both waste management and production of alternative fuels with a special focus on providing the highest standards of health and safety and minimizing the impact on the surrounding and on the environment. Such a process of continuous improvement in research and design has led Entsorga to grow into a key player worldwide in providing proprietary Technologies.  Developing, experimenting , improving and implementing the results obtained in the day by day operations of our licensed facilities. This is what for Entsorga means Investing in research and development. This approach makes the Entsorga proprietary technologies proven and "bankable", with continuously improving engineering performance verified by independent engineers.

As a result of this commitment the Entsorga Group today can count on:

- 9 Trade Marks and 11 patents

- 13 Proven and bankable technologies

- 2 flagship facilities

- 84 plants delivered in 27 countries

‘Zero to Landfill’ is a waste management philosophy which uses a set of strategies based on the waste hierarchy. The ‘Zero to Landfill’ system is designed to capture as much of the resource in the waste as possible. 


The combination of modular building technologies from Modular Direct, the credibly and experienced architect David L. Wallace, shipping and logistic technologies from HVCC Assembly & Logistic Group, the use of Deep Cement Mixing (DCM) Technology and the ability to utilize Monetized Asset Financing (MAF) with project monetized value plus compound interest over the next 20 years at 6% per year.

This allows for a complete and detailed financial model and prospectus for each project. The only variation in the model is the cost of the island, not the construction or infrastructure. We do not build the project on the island we purchase. The project is built from the sea with Deep Concrete Mixing Technology and attached to the existing island, which then become part of our total project providing unimaginable beauty of the natural environment. All building will sit on fully conditioned and artificial developed land that is created on top of concrete. In affect we are creating new islands from the sea.  



The Hotel will is the key note feature of the project and requires the most attention. It has several main features that have never been done in very few places in the world if any. It is being built as a totally modular project and it is also a totally solar, green energy and wave energy project. This cause some major architectural and engineering challenges with how the construction will be built. Also, how the modules will be delivered to the location. This will be done by a method know as Vertical Envelopment. Unloading at sea by helicopter and brought to manmade island and places in a predetermined location. The modular development of  two 1000 room Five Star Hotels WorldGate Grand Plaza and WorldGate Ocean Blue and the 356 Luxury Villas and Estate Villas allows for the hotel and the villas to be built in a factory in the United States in a very controlled environment without have weather as a factor or delay in key components. The entire project is a self-contained solar, wind, wave energy and other green energy technologies project. All components will be installed at the Modular Direct facilities including solar panel connections connection to the roof and sides of the hotel ready for final connection by the onsite team on the location.  

The Five Star Hotels, Conventions Center, Ballrooms, Restaurants located in the hotel will be built by MODULAR DIRECT, utilizing the international acclaimed architect David L. Wallace. All interiors of the rooms will be outfitted by HVCC ASSEMBLY & LOGISTIC GROUP with all components being purchased and compiled and then shipped by HVCC ASSEMBLY & LOCISTIC GROUP.  Each component in the process will be tagged and inventoried by Elastic M2M from deliver to the development process to the construction site at the location.  

Both Hotels will be complete with all amenities including spas, full gyms, basketball indoor out door courts, Olympic pools and competition Championship tennis courts with 8,000 center seat court.


Each project will feature three hundred fifty-six (356) Luxury Villas and six Estate Villas. The Luxury Villas will range from 2 to 5 bedroom with 2 to 5 bathrooms models with the Estate Villas having 6 bedrooms and six bathrooms. The Luxury Villas will feature all amenity expected in Luxury very high-end Villas plus many not expected. The Estate Villas are fully customized to the owner requirements within the interior.


Each WorldGate Community International facility will have a world class WorldGate Air Park featuring a 4500-foot runway capable of takeoff and landing of B737NG Aircraft. The Air Park will also feature the latest in air traffic control and radar both ground and air.


A competition stadium will be built utilizing artificial turf with rubber infill allowing 365 days of available access with a full 8 lane profession track. These will be provided by HVCC SPORTS GROUP.  A full broadcasting uplink capability with be available to broadcast events worldwide.  The Stadium will feature championship event and concerts.


The Hospital will be built total modular by Modular Direct and full equipped by In-Kind providers with the latest technology and staffed by the finest staff.  We will work with major Universities with the intern program and new nursing graduates as a training center. The hospital will also provide all medical services for the complex as well as for advanced services for the cruise ships, cargo ships, yachts and the local community. The  Hospital will provide a complete interactive video Medical Collaboration network which will allow the Doctor's to collaborator with any other Doctor in the world on group of Doctors for  consultation. The network is full encrypted and HIPPA Certified.


The commercial zone will incorporate many areas including the 100,000 square foot casino, a 100,000 secure data center and SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility), Production Studio, Broadcast Studio for WORLDGATE BLUE Syndicated Television Show, Restaurants, Retail Store and entertainment venues. The buildings will be built in modular  format by Modular Direct.   


The Police Station which will also incorporate the onsite Fire Department will be all modular construction and built under the standards and specification of the latest law enforcement technology . The police and fire department will provide the most up to date equipment anywhere in the world to provide total protection of our guest, visitors and employees.


Each WORLDGATE COMMUNITY INTERNATIONAL FACILITY will be equipped with the most advanced HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP  is responsible for the protection of the all WorldGate Community International development projects from UAV DRONEs.

HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGE GROUP is responsible for protecting this entire project with our UAVs, Drones, underwater Drones UUV and anti-drone technology. We will be protecting the project from the air, land and sea with drones and anti-drone technology.  

This our projects will require the largest concentration of UAV, UUV, DRONE and ANTI-DRONE technology ever used anywhere in the world. The different types of UAV DRONES to be flown and utilized for various applications will be in the hundreds at various time.  Each UAV DRONE and UUV application will require different sensors, cameras in the  payloads in different combinations. 

HVCC Anti-Drone Technology utilized in our DRONE DEFENSE SERIES will be stationed throughout the entire project to protect from intrusions of bad actor’s drones carrying explosives and lethal chemical agent.  We will be responsible for protection for bad actor’s camera taking pictures and videos of their very high-profile guest as well as the security from data stealing drone. HVCC will fly recon flights out to the 12-mile limit for territorial waters to provide escort for yachts against the new threats from pirates. Our UUV will patrol the marinas on a 24/7/365 bases to detect any underwater intrusion from bad actors or any dangerous conditions detected.


Key and very strategic locations on WorldGate Community International properties are LNG STORAGE and RELY CENTER which will be position away from the main center of activities of WorldGate Community International. These are located on the back side of the island and are not visible to our clients and visitors. The tanks are also located in below ground for protection and security. 


**Because we only purchase and utilize private islands around the world with Freehold titles WorldGate Community International can offer these amazing INCOME OPPORTUNITIES. A comprehensive and detailed business and marketing plan will be a part of every income opportunity program. This will spell out how the business will be operated and by who what the market direct is and the projected revenue will be for the first 1-5 years.  All contracts are bases on five-year contracts with auto-renewable terms with a maximum outside ownership of 20%, WorldGate Community International  owning the balance of 80%. WorldGate Community International may at its total digression utilize or assign any part of the 80% of the revenue for other agreements or contracts.  The business and marketing plans are meant to be dynamic and are based on current markets and business environments at the time the opportunity is requested and is not a shelf business or marketing plan. Each plan will be customized for the individual, company or group interested in that opportunity.     

​IN-KIND: We offer companies and corporations participation in our In-Kind program which allows a company to install their new equipment in our project to develop worldwide recognition and sales from the world's largest project of its kind. This promotion and advertising are huge to be able to say that their product or technology is being used in this project and with our endorsement and commercials it is an excellent opportunity to be part of this project.   
BTO: BTO is Built to Own which is a great program which WorldGate Community International provides on this project. This program can include every part of the projects from the Five Star Luxury 1000 Room Hotels to the Medical Center to the LNG Storage and Relay Center.  

REVENUE SHARING:  The Revenue Sharing programs offered by WorldGate Community International are many.  Revenue Sharing programs are available on major operations on the project such as the Cable Television Network for the complex which will have projected revenue of over $1,800,000,000. on the 20-year contract, secured data center with SCIF the only one in the Americas and Caribbean, Medical Center Billing Revenue Sharing and Guest Services Revenue Sharing. 


WorldGate Community International is offering an exclusive revenue sharing program to a selected for to share in the enormous revenue for the from either or both WORLDGATE GRAND PLAZA and or THE WORLDGATE OCEAN BLUE Five Star Hotels.

The WorldGate Grand Plaza Hotel is a 1000 room Five Star Luxury Hotel with high end guest, and the WorldGate Ocean Blue Hotel is Five Star 1000 room hotel centered around the more relaxed guest and causal younger groups with the stadium directly behind the hotel for sporting events and each guest receives premium seating for all sporting event and full access to members of the cast of the WORLDGATE BLUE SYNDICATED CABLE TV SHOW to be seen worldwide.  Average room rate will be with amenities and other expenditures $1200 per day per person.  We will always use a 90% rate on calculations.

CABLE and INTERNET ACCESS REVENUE SHARING: THE Cable Television Network for the complex which will have projected revenue of over $ 72,000,000 per year or $1,440,000,000 on the 20-year contract. Each room in the WORLDGATE GRAND PLAZA HOTEL, WORLDGATE OCEAN BLUE HOTEL, Villas, Casino, Medical Center and other building will be connected to a private cable network that provides both cable TV, Interactive Video, and Internet Access. The will be over 50,000 connection on the WorldGate Community International Network (WGCIN). Each entity will be billed for this service at the prevailing cable TV, Internet and Video Network rate of 100 base plus 20 per connection. This connection fee will be pasted to the guest and owners as part of their billing or  gratuity.  The network will be responsible for the installation of the OC 48 Fiber Ring on WorldGate Community International to handle the traffic. A connection fee will be charge per connection to each facility or building from the OC48 fiber ring of $200.00. This is a one-time cost.

NAMING RIGHTS: Naming Rights are a main stay in our program on this project. The opportunities for naming right are unbelievable. A project of this size lends itself to all types and kinds of NAMING RIGHTS deals for virtually all size companies and major corporations. We will do NAMING RIGHTS on everything from the different floors of the hotel to the walkways to the fuel tanks at the fuel storage center. Naming right are also available for the Stadium and title sporting events as well as sponsorships for events. If it is there is will put a name of it!  This program is under the direction of the HVCC Assemble & Logistic Group.

REFUELING CENTER: The LNG Storage and Relay Center with projected cost to lease tanks at $100,000 a month per tank. Storage is calculated at the rate of  five percent (5%) of the current refinery cost of production and shipment of LNG at a minimum of $200 per MT per shipment estimated per month at 300,000 MT average shipment inbound for uploading to our LNG Storage Tank.

CASINO IN-HOUSE PROFIT SHARING: The WorldGate Community International is the only RESORT HOTEL, CONVENTION CENTER offering the incredible opportunity to a very few be able to share in the huge revenue model. We have contract pending with a major casino operator which can be excised for 30% of the revenue which will allow WorldGate Community International to offer 20% of the revenue to our revenue sharing partners. 

SLOTS REVENUE SHARING: WorldGate Community International offers the ideal location for Slot on our ports, restaurants shops and bars of the property. With our harbor cruise ship docking and our catering to the high-end market client it is an incredible opportunity to become a revenue sharing or OWNER/MANAGER partner with us.      

ON-LINE GAMING REVENUE SHARING: WorldGate Community International potentially will be offering a full complement of ON-LINE Gaming including Virtual Reality Casino, Sportsbook, Virtual Sports, Poker, Skill Games, Casino Suite, OGWIL, Live Casino, Live Sports Video Streaming, Social Gaming, Virtual Games, Fantasy Sports, ODDS Feed, Live Scouting data, Team Statistics and more. The ON-LINE Gaming Revenue Sharing program is fully supported by robust backend accounting system and payment system to make payout to winners and take all bets from around the world. A full 27/7/365 call center is fully staffed to handle any questions for clients using the ON-LINE GAMING NETWORK.  The interface for the network is also fully encrypted and protected by HVCC. The network algorithm will be configured for less than 10% possibility  of blockage of access at any one time by over 10,000,000 subscribers to our services. WorldGate Community International will offer a revenue sharing program based on the total monthly revenue on this program.  

​WORLDGATE  BLUE  SYNDICATED CABLE REALITY TV SHOW: The WORLDGATE BLUE SYNDICATED CABLE REALITY TV SHOW  will be seen worldwide on Cable Television, on ships at sea, on internet TV, Air Borne TV Channels, delayed and live broadcast from our studio and on location on location form each WorldGate Community International broadcast center. The show's format is a one-hour reality show, featuring the cast of seven, in various situations and issues that the islands can bring to this young vibrant adventurous group.  The show will be produced by very experienced production teams utilizing the latest in video and production technology including UAV DRONEs to get amazing shots that before were impossible. The studio is being built will be state of the art studio and located alongside the Marina, with incoming cruise ships, bars and entertainment venues. Opportunities available for the show include title sponsorships, sponsorships and advertising. 

RETAIL: Opportunities are available for retail and specialty shops in our state-of-the-art shopping areas. Over 25 stores and restaurants. These are very high traffic retail locations with the number of visitors and cruise ships docking per days. The Casino visitor will be high end players and tend to be big spenders. Other shoppers will include high end high spending Pro-Athletes from every sport around the world.  

MEDICAL CENTER: The Medical Center is directed at special surgeries to high end international clients and international athletes. The Medical Center is to be a fully equipped state of the art medical center with the newest advanced technology for both surgery as well as complete rehabilitation and physical therapy center. There are major opportunities for this project for Revenue Sharing.

OCEAN FISHING, CHARTER AND DIVING SERVICES: WorldGate Community International offers a unique opportunity for the fishing and boating enthusiast the opportunity to be part of this amazing project with ownership or revenue sharing in a fleet of ocean fishing, charter and diving services.

SAILING SCHOOL: WorldGate Community International offers a unique opportunity for the sailing enthusiast the opportunity to be part of this amazing project with ownership or revenue sharing and services. Taken by Captain Frank McKee    Baltimore Yacht Club and US Virgin Islands board his Pearson 30, IMAGINE 

MARINA CENTER: This amazing project offers the opportunity to share revenue or have ownerships in one of the most advanced MARINAS in the world. This MARINA has the capacity to have over 200 slips which can handle yachts of up to 200 feet in a safe harbor with all amenities including solar power at each slip, full UAV/DRONE security both above and below the surface provided by HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP, underwater surveillance protection at each slip, 24/7 Security Monitoring from the United State  on each slip with instance notification of any incidence.  No Marina in the world can offer these services to their high-end clients.

PRIVATE TRANSPORTATION SERVICES: The PRIVATE TRANSPORTATION SERVICES is a very valuable service to the project. This is not your normal taxi service, but our clients require special PROTECTION SERVICES from our dedicated protection group when traveling on the island. We incorporate luxury armored cars from Alpine Armoring for our guest.

DRONE PROTECTION: HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP DRONE DEFENSE ARMORE PROGRAM to provide full protection from bad actor drones whether  taking pictures or attacks on our celebrities and dignitary guest. We provide the most advanced UAV DRONE UUV and ANTI-DRONE protection ever assembled in the world.  

ASE OPERATOR AIRCRAFT SERVICES: We offer excellent opportunities with our PRIVATE AIRCRAFT SERVICES. HVCC Aviation Group will be responsible for providing complete Base Operators Services for all private aircraft corporate and private coming into the WorldGate Air Park.  This creates an amazing opportunity for a base operator.    

AIR TAXI SERVICE: A fantastic opportunity for a  pilot with their commercial license to own an interest in a new interisland commercial airline in beautiful with WorldGate  Community International .  Each WorldGate Air Pack will be equipped with all the newest radar, both ground control and air control. The entire Air Park will have new facilities with hangers and  base operation. We will require a full short haul AIR TAXI SERVICE to fly Guest from our magnificent resort to other islands and destinations within the country. If you own a fleet of certified aircraft or wish to have an interest in the fantastic opportunity, we need to talk.  

WORLDGATE AIRLINE: WorldGate Community International will be offering the opportunity to own up to 20% of the EBITs from the new WorldGate Airline. The airline will have direct flights from Dulles International Airport in Virginia to our air park at each location.

WorldGate Airline is in the process of developing a major connecting route with a world leader in international cargo shipping. Under this agreement WorldGate Airline will handle passenger traffic and they will handle the cargo shipment to our locations. HVCC AVIATION GROUP will develop all agreements and government requirement for this venture.

SHIP AND YACHT REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE  CENTER: A great business opportunity is available to provide a needed service in the ship and yachting service business. This Repair and Maintenance Center will occupy approximately 50 acres located next to the location and will be owned by WorldGate Community International . This Repair and  Maintenance Center will be a tremendous revenue center.

CRISIS YACHTS CENTER MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM: Due to the incredible design on the of the marina creates the Crisis Yachts center Membership Program where major YACHT OWNERS can pay for a designated slip or anchor point in the marina on a yearly membership bases for the use in major storms or other crisis. This MEMBERSHIP also gives the owner of the MEMBERSHIP in the HVCC EPW DEFENCE CENTER for each year corresponding to their Crisis Yacht Membership. This program is intended for Yachts with value over ten million dollars and high-profile high-income individuals. 

LOCATOR RENTAL PROGRAM: WorldGate Community International offers a magnificent revenue sharing program center around the amazing HVCC goTenna off grid location system. This system is ideal for to keep track of family members and their friends while on our property. The system requires no network connection and provides full texting and GPS locations. These small units which weigh 2 ounces and are attached to a belt or other clothing and will rented on a day by day bases. Multi-Sales locations will be available to rent the HVCC goTenna around the project. The HVCC goTenna System will provide complete accounting and inventory control for all units rented and in inventory in real time. A complete Point of Sales System with keep our revenue partners up to date any were in the world on a real time basis. 

SPORTS MEDICINE CENTER: The Sports Medicine Center is perfect for Doctors in the field of sports medicine, orthopedic or sports rehabilitation to provide advanced medical services to top athletes from around the world. The center will come fully equipped with the latest technology and equipment. The center will be fully staff by experienced nurses and clinicians as well as full billing and administrative staff.   

​SYBARITIC RELAXATION and SPA: WorldGate Community International  offer a unique opportunity to own a Sybaritic Relaxation Center and Spa.  This is a very high profit business.  The SYBARITIC RELAXATION CENTER and SPA will be located next to our Athletic Rehab Center in the WorldGate Medical Center. Taken by RELAXATION and SPAS INTERNATIONAL, LLC.

BEAUTY and NAIL SALON: WorldGate Community International has a fantastic opportunity for an experienced salon operator to share in the revenue of one of the most dynamic Beautify and Nail Salon in the world. Our clientele will be the most elite for around the world. This is a very high-profile very high profit position and requires the utmost in class and experience.

CHAMPIONSHIP TRAINING & FITNESS CENTER: The WorldGate Community International Championship Training & Fitness Center is designed for the serious professional and amateur competitive athletes or teams who come to our championship training center to get the final edge in the specialized sport. The Center will offer the most advanced training equipment and computerized analysis found anywhere in the world. We have world class physical therapist, medical technologist, doctors and rehab specialist attached to our center at the Medical Center. The center will feature athletes from all sports form around the world. Our revenue sharing program puts you in the middle of this dynamic athletic market.  Huge opportunity for the right person.






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