The HVCC LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY GROUP a subset of HONOR VALOR COURAGE the major provider of lighting technology for all of the HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION and the HVCC FAMILY OF COMPANIES many projects. HVCC LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY GROUP is also becoming one of the largest provider of lighting technology throughout the world due to its involvement in the VETERANS SUNRISE CENTER & ECUCATIONAL INSTITUTE project in Greensburg, PA. HVCC LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY GROUP is the supplier of all lighting systems and products for THE NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE being built in PA, a 100 plus acre campus with 30 new buildings and encompassing 890,000 square feet. HVCC LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY will also be the provider of all lighting products for the WORLSGATE COMMUNITY INTERNATIONAL project around the world. These project consist of over 3,000,000 square feet under roof, with 1000 room luxury hotel, casino, medical center, entertainment centers, restaurants, airport and more with over 1,000,000,000 lighting fixtures. 

HVCC Lighting is also the provider of all lighting for HVCC EPW DEFENSE CENTERS  being built in the United Stated and The Greater Caribbean. It is planned for over 100 center HVCC EPW DEFENSE CENTERS with Secured Co-Lo DATA CENTERS utilizing over one million square feet each. 

HVCC LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY GROUP is not just a supplier of the lighting technology we are a innovator of products as part of the "HVCC 'INTEGRATED SOLOUTIONS SET" TEAM where we find new ways to incorporate lighting technology into other applications and technologies to create a new one. HVCC is now providing our commercial, university, architects, builders, partners and client this same service as we do our huge projects. Our Lighting Partners are the best in the world, why we trust them with our maga projects. Now we invite all our partners, clients and companies to help our veterans and buy their lighting requirement from HVCC LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY GROUP. 


Take Three, a supplier of energy efficient lighting products and solutions to electrical contractors, general contractors, lighting professionals, and facility managers/end users. Since 2006, our goal has been to supply contractors, businesses owners, developers, institutions, and designers with highly efficient LED lighting that best suits the needs of their projects.

Indoor LightingFind the indoor lighting fixtures you need for your residential, commercial, or industrial space. We offer architectural lay-ins, downlights, emergency lighting, industrial high and lowbay fixtures, display lighting, and more. We carry LED versions of traditional building fixtures, as well as high-efficiency fluorescent fixtures, so that you can modernize every room with long-lasting energy-efficient options.

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 Lumax Industries manufactures the highest quality, Made In USA commercial and industrial lighting fixtures. We produce specification grade LED luminaires for retrofits, renovations and new construction lighting projects. We also specialize in custom designs and modifications and proudly design and manufacture in Altoona, Pennsylvania.  


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14,000 Lumens


Energy Audits • LED Lighting • Lighting Controls • Design Build • Residential Design • Commercial Design

Our Lighting Team consists of professional lighting consultants who are trained in lighting and lighting design and can work with you on every aspect of your home or business lighting projects. From creating a lighting layout using your blueprints, to designing a lighting controls plan, our experts will give you the best options for your home or office. Our services include Energy Audits and  LED Lighting upgrades to save you energy and money. We are qualified to work with either Residential or Commercial applications. Call us today to set up your first free consultation – either on-site or in our showroom.

The Hite Company Lighting Showrooms offer a full range of professional services to assist you with your lighting selections.

Layout and Design Services: We’ll work with your blueprints to provide a lighting layout for one room or your entire business, villa or home.

Free, On-Site Consultation: Our lighting consultants will provide on-site consultations with you or your contractor to help choose lighting for your new or remodeled home.

State-of-art Technology: Our lighting experts use the latest in computer technologies to provide you with vital lighting application information. Lighting application displays, located in of showroom, show you how your lighting will look.

Exterior Illumination: We’ll help you create a lighting plan for outdoor living and entertaining, as well as for added safety and security.








LED Tape-Rope Hybrid lights are a truly unique product and the next step of evolution in linear accent lighting.

Low voltage LED tape lights (also called strip lights or ribbon lights) are known for their very bright light output using SMD LED chips. However, they are not always the easiest lights to install. Line voltage LED rope lights, on the other hand, are quite easy to work with. But next to tape lights, their light output just doesn't compare.

                                                                              PAR LIGHTING 


Parabolic Aluminized Reflector (PAR) lamps are used in a variety of commercial, residential, hospitality, and retail applications. They are know for their high light output and precise beam control options. With a wide range of sizes, wattages, finishes, and beam angles available, please contact us for assistance in selecting the right PAR LED bulbs for design requirements.

Combining the high output SMD LED chips from tape lights with the line-level voltage of rope lights, these hybrid lights are a fantastic lighting product that can fit just about any project application need. The tape-rope hybrid is an economical choice, without the need for a separate transformer or driver. The line-level voltage also allows for maximum lengths from a single power source that you could never get from low voltage tape lights. And with their interconnectable nature of kits, installation is super easy!

LED Neon Flex lights are a breakthrough in flexible lighting design. With their unique construction, these flexible lights can directly replace traditional glass neon with better performance, lower cost, and easier maintenance.

And with the next generation of this unique style of lighting, the LED Polar 2 Neon Flex, flexible neon lighting has never looked better. With LED neon, rope lights are taken to the next level. Polar 2 LED neon lights provide a continuous bright neon glow that ordinary rope lights can’t match.


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High Bay 14,000 Lumen 


10,000 Lumens


Flexible LED Neon Rope Lights

Honor Valor Courage Corporation



For the ultimate in lighting design and control, there is no match to the flexibility provided by a DMX system. DMX-compatible light fixtures are designed to be compatible with the USITT standard DMX 512 lighting protocol in order to integrate into your existing lighting system (if you have one), or we can design a brand new DMX control system from the ground up. The end result is simple: to give you absolutely stunning lighting results with unsurpassed precision and control.