Honor Valor Courage Corporation


Honor Valor Courage Foundation, Inc.  welcomes all members of the United States Armed Forces to apply to Honor Valor Courage Foundation, Inc. and Institute educational programs. There is no preference given to any branch of service, but there is a preference given to combat veterans.

We accept applications from active duty personnel up to six month before discharge. All applicants must go through an intense screening process in front of our screening board. The screening board is made up of former military enlisted and officers, corporate executives, college administrators and Honor Valor Courage Administration Executives. The applicant must have a proficiency and conduct rating of 4.5 or NCORE rating of excellent to be considered. Tours of combat and medals and awards will also be taken into account.

Purple Heart Awardee and Combat Disabled Veterans are given highest priority, along with high personal medals for Honor, Valor and Courage are also given highest priority for placement.

It should be made clear to all applicants that Honor Valor Courage Institute is run like a military institution and similar to other military academies and there are strick protocols to be followed. Students will be required to follow all rules and regulations. We operate on a 100% honor system unlike other colleges, universities, and schools they may apply to.

Transition Officers are encouraged to request a personal presentation by one of our Honor Valor Courage Transition Team Members.

Transition Officers please contact our Transition Team at  HVCTransitionteam@honorvalorcourage.org or call HVC at 814-330-3266