Honor Valor Courage Corporation


·         Development all required documents necessary for the FFA.

·         Selection of national and international airports

·         Negotiate landing rights agreements

·         Negotiate gate license and gate fees

·         Negotiate and obtain interactive cooperation for major airlines

·         Negotiate vendor contract for inflight food services

·         Negotiate Airline Flight Crew Union Contract

·         Negotiate Airline Maintenance Workers Contracts

·         Negotiate agreement with Airline Associations for executive membership

·         Provide Airline Legal Representation Major National and DC Law Firm  900 plus attorney’s

·         Interview for flight crews and hiring

·         Interview for ground crews hiring          

·         Interview for front line staffing and hiring

·         Develop for HR programs

·         Provide complete ground crew training

·         Provide complete flight grew training

·         Provide complete front agent training

·         Provide complete ticking agent training

·         Provide compete ground grew training

·         Provide complete back office support program

·         Design and develop computer system

·         Develop interactive computer system for interface with nation and international ticketing   system.

·         Develop reservation computers systems specific to Airlines

·         Develop internal external package and shipment tracking system

·         Develop a complete security program

·         Develop interface with TSA and local law enforcement

·         Design and Installation of UAV DRONE AIR SPACE ANTI-DRONE protection systems.

·         Consulting for full project and other as required




HVCC AVIATION GROUP is involved in many areas of the aviation industry. From building airlines to developing airports to providing protection for airline and airports. We also are involved in the design and development of new processes and construction techniques for airports.

The new HVCC AVIATION KNOWLEDGE CENTER which is bring developed in PA. Will be developing many new "Integrated Solutions Sets" for the Airline Industry, in security, maintenance, warehousing applications, in liquid latex barrier insulation processes, drones, anti-drone technology, and much more.     

HVCC AVAITION GROUP bring together a team of companies to work on a project. We have experts for all sectors of the aviation industry that we can call on to develop and entire new airline to solving and individual issues. HVCC AVIATION GROUP bring that team together under HVCC AVIATION GROUP and coordinate that team into one coercive group and manages them all as one team. Our client has one contact point which is HVCC AVIATION GROUP no matter how many companies we bring to the table. All billing and invoices are done by HVCC AVIATION GROUP.