Honor Valor Courage Corporation


                                                                                                                             Honor Valor Courage Post Exchanges Inc.


Honor Valor Courage Post Exchange is the official retail out let for all Honor Valor Courage Corporation over 100 products and services. Honor Valor Courage Post Exchange represents an amazing number of major corporation and literally thousands upon thousands of products for our veterans and families of veterans. The CEO of Honor Valor Courage Post Exchange is a three tour combat  veterans of the IRAQ war and therefor understands why we have and need to provide the services and products as well as the education to our veterans. 

We are Veterans working for Veterans! Please contact Mr. Shane Graziosi, CEO with any ideal for new products or services you would like the see in our PX. www.graz_USMCPX@honorvalorcourage.org

Honor Valor Courage Post Exchanges Incorporated is a Veteran Owned and Operated Small Business that provides marketing, sales, testing and in-depth reviews on the names and brands we love!  It’s our goal to bring everything we find for our patrons to them rapidly at affordable prices with total satisfaction!  This company was founded with strong American values and a commitment to our Country first but keeping in mind the need to satisfy worldwide business!  It is a big world we live in and when people can connect nearly anywhere in seconds the market adapts even faster.  Businesses that wish to be successful must adapt as well to remain strong in order to survive, let alone prosper.  Therefore, we have built strong relationships with our customers and fan base which has led to lasting friendships over time.  We pay close attention to the details and always give 100% from start to finish, following up with the hard questions we think matter most.  With that in mind we operate in the belief that either we love it, believe in it, and trust it will work, or we do not use, buy, or sell it.  With decades of experience and the will to do what it takes to win; Honor Valor Courage Post Exchanges Inc. is here to stay!

Having served our Country, we understand it is our duty to continue to “Serve those that Served” by helping improve the lives of our fellow Veterans.  Each year 15% of EBITS (earnings before interest and taxes) are to be donated to the HVCC Educational Institute/National Veterans Educational Institute to continue to fund Veterans Education, Training, and Job Placement!   We do believe this is the best way to help those who have served in the Military find a new mission, a new home, and place in the Honor Valor Courage Corporate Family and the many other honorable Civilian or Government workforces!  Thank you for this short moment of time that we could share together!  Always looking forward to more!



Shane E Graziosi

Chief Executive Officer