Honor Valor Courage Corporation

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“The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive veterans of early wars were treated and appreciated by our nation. ““George Washington”

Suicide Training and Orientation Programming

The STOP program is centered around three major areas directed at interactive contact with the other veterans.

Through the partner relationship with Honor Valor Courage Corporation and NOW I UNDERSTAND
,  Now I Understand has developed the most advanced technology that allows the troop and veterans to interface with other members of their own services to prevent suicide.

Through our lectures and seminars as well as many conversations with both professionals in the field and veterans that what the veterans need is not a suicide hot line staffed by non-veteran counselors. That is not working to prevent veteran 22 suicides a day.

It is our belief that veterans want to connect with other veterans to establish a connection of common interest an understanding. By having a direct instant connection with another veteran from the same service, an immediate relationship connection is made and a total change of the mental outlook of the veteran contemplating suicide is changed. The guiding principles of the program are you can change the situation, conditions and environment but you can’t change people and you cannot operate in opposite of you most dominate through are utilized in STOP.  By connecting with another veteran from the same service we can instantly change the situation, condition and environment as well as change the dominate thought of the veteran.

The STOP is developed around three Program

First is an Application Program that can be down loaded or auto installed on the veteran’s cell phone. This is shown as a button on the phone as STOP and all the veteran has to do is push the button. This can be done by the veterans themselves, a family member, or councilor. The call is sent to our routing system that will connect them to their counterpart veteran within thirty seconds. We do not record the number and our volunteers do not know the number just the branch of service. We are not and do not want to treat the veteran, we are a safe haven program. The veteran can tell or talk about anything, we listen and respond as a friend from their service. Marine to Marine, Army to Army, Navy to Navy, Air Force to Air Force, Guard to Guard. We do not advise or critique, we simple build a common ground and help change the dominate thought.  If the veteran wants to get back in touch with us they simple access the STOP button again. This will route their call to the same veteran if available or if not another veteran from their same branch of service.

The Second part of the program is our Radio Check Program. It is centered around, the combat veteran’s life line of staying in contact through what is known as radio check. Radio Check is used to check the link between the troops in the field and their fire support or back up in the rear. With this feature of STOP the veterans have access to a base for contacts and text for other veterans where, if and when they feel they are in trouble, they can send out a Radio Check at any time and know they are not alone. They can send a text if desired that is received by their counterpart veterans that simple says Radio Check and they will receive a return text from a veteran on STOP saying receiving 5X5. They now know that someone is there to help them and all they have to do is call or text and support is there for them.

The Third program is centered is our All Hands Program, which allows the Veteran to meet on our video to video platform whenever the veteran feels they need to connect with other veterans from their branch of service. They can access the network from their laptop, IPad, or Smart Phone from anywhere at any time, night or day 24/7. This program helps the veterans stay connected by being able to visually see, interact and talk visually with other veterans.  Their conversation is fully encrypted and secured. They can unlimited access and have meetings with as many as one to fifty other veterans from their branch of service on fully interactive high definition video network from anywhere at any time and so they never feel alone.  

Our programs are not meant to treat the underlying reasons a veteran maybe considering suicide, but to STOP it at the critical moment that the decision to do it or not do it is made.

Veterans understand veterans and have an instant connection with their own band of brothers that civilians can never understand.