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           HVCC SPORTS GROUP  knows sports from the inside. We know the business of SPORTS like no one else!

HVCC Sports Group, comes from  a long back ground in Sports Management, Sports Promotions and Sports Negotiation.  Mr. Butts Chairman of Honor Valor Courage Corporation has been in every facet of the sports industry. Mr. Butts realizes that this is another way to help our veterans. We can utilize all these markets to develop  business to provide revenue to apply to our education programs, have  athletes and their huge contacts to help with our outreach programs for veterans.  We can provide careers for the veterans in sports in many areas.

ISBN.LIVE  utilizes the most advanced technology in the world to get incredible footage of sports events that up to now have been impossible. Through the use of UAVs and DRONEs we can fly in and capture shots you can image. No more relying on camera shots from just side lines in football or soccer.  Racing has a whole  dimension and water sports like surfing will forever be changed.  Sports like skiing will now have a way to seen as they traverse down the slops at speeds about 100 miles an hour and tracked all the way. ISBN.LIVE will be there to present it for the view. The best  are the career that will be created for our Veterans. Careers in production, post production, camera work, editing, sound are only a few of these careers that will be created.     

ISBN.LIVE utilizes REMI STYLE ( Remote Integration (REMI))  production and live streaming. We take the camera feeds, plus any timing/scoring feed if available, add effects and microphones as needed multiplex all feeds and transmit via satellite uplink and downlink at REMI control room in Pittsburg, PA. where we do LIVE CUT add in graphics, commercials, add any slowmo replays, studio Host and Announcers and send finished PGM feed as RTPM signal to our closed networks. Our Broadcast partners is PMTV.

ISBN.LIVE also broadcast over  RTMP to CDN  content delivery network, HLS and RTSP Transcoding and to our Microsoft  Teams Broadcasting  pay per  View Channel.

ISBN.LIVE  is a unique broadcasting network where we provide complete interactive broadcast of your favorite sports programs live and on demand on our video platform. The video is seen in full HD on cameras installed or roaming at the venue.

Up to 20,000 fans can watch their competitors,  team, rider, horse, driver or player compete. ISBN.LIVE broadcast are multiple camera shoots with color commentary by up to 25 or more commentators that interact with the broadcast host from anywhere in the world. ISBN.LIVE utilizes a multi-disciplinary process in broadcasting involving many individual companies technology that are then combined into one overall broadcasting technology called ISBN.LIVE

This new and amazing 
ISBN.LIVE broadcasting platform will revolutionize the broadcasting of sports. Sports that are now considered not profitable to broadcast over regular media can now be broadcast. We specialize in small colleges and university sports, international competition, and specialized sports broadcasting like soccer, football, basketball, baseball, swimming, tennis, racing, steeplechase, drone racing, motor racing etc. and smaller venues where they do not get live coverage of events. Now they can with  ISBN.LIVE 



Mr. Butts negotiated a MOU agreement with Montpelier Hunt Races held in Montpelier, VA for Honor Valor Courage Corporation to be the title sponsor and ISBN.LIVE to be the official broadcaster for the 85th Montpelier Hunt Races for 2019. Honor Valor Courage Corporation has committed to be the Title Sponsor for 2020 and 2021 respectively.   

In January 22, 2020 Mr. Butts negotiated a deal with the National Steeplechase Association for ISBN.LIVE to be the official broadcaster, producer and advertising sales for all broadcast of all NSA races for the 2020 season. Due to the COVID-19 races in the spring season were canceled but we are planning on broadcasting, producing and selling advertising and sponsorships for the Fall season starting in  September. All broadcast will be done in REMI Style Satellite broadcast. The Fall season consist of 12 different venues. 

Mr. Butts has owned one of the largest sports appearance businesses in the country "Pro-Appearance, Inc." which is now "PRO-SOCCER PROMOTIONS".

Mr. Butts is now re-launch a program he created several years ago named "LTA"  Leadership Through Athletics, under  INTERACTIVE COLLEGE NETWORKS. www.interactivecollegenetworks.com

Mr. Butts negotiated contract for climbing walls and full basketball courts for over fifteen GOLDS GYMS. He also negotiated the first Racquetball court conversion into a climbing wall center in the United Stated for Pyramide Climbing Wall sold to Burke Racquet and Swim Club in Burk, Va.  

Mr. Butts has negotiated major contracts with NFL Teams for rights agreements with the Washington Red Skins, also a five year contract between  the Washington RedSkins  and the National Conference Center for housing the Redskins for their summer camp. He has  represented many contracts for MLS for players. He has been involved in Broadcasting International the A 1 Grand Prix races from around the world and developed programs for NASCAR and other racing circuits.  As  Chairman of the first company to every broadcast sports over Broadband to ISP with SportView Networks. His company SportView did the impossible and signed the broadcasting rights for the WNIT Woman's Basket Ball Championships between Ohio State and Norte Dame and delivered SPORTSVIEW to 28 million viewers over the DMBC Network to  Comcast Networks. SportsView did this in two weeks providing full color commentary and sideline coverage.  This had never been done in broadcasting and we took the event for ESPN, FOX Sports and other networks.  SPORTVIEW went on to broadcast college many football games and WUS Soccer events. 

HVCC Sports Group will be re-launching this Network under ISBN.LIVE this fall.

Mr. Butts was the Co-Owner of the most successful youth Sports Camps in the East and he developed the program of having pro-athletes from every sport from NFL, NBA, WMBA, Golf, Tennis,  LAX, Soccer and even Horse Racing come meeting and interact with all the kids. His partner created the phrase "I Practiced with the Pro's" for promotions and it became the standard for all sports camp the dry and follow.

Mr. Butts was responsible for creating over 30 major sports calendars for major Universities like Va. Tech, Ok, Tenn. ND, Naval Academy, West Point,  Air Force Academy and many others.

He has been involved in building artificial turf fields and developed markets for rubberized tracks around the country.  Mr. Butts has developed Public Private Partnerships to provide communities the ability the install district  wide turf playing fields for the schools.

Mr. Butts has been involved in the highest level of boxing negotiation involving IMG and Kronk Boxing. He was involved in the original MMA long before Mr. White took it to where it is now. He knows the struggles Dana when through to make that happen.

Mr. Butts own competitive background in Body Building has brought close to many of the top names in Body Building. 

We know the business of SPORTS not the sports business there is a difference.