VETERANS SUNRISE CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE is a Delaware C Corporation. Mr. Butts is flied and registered the name in Delaware on July 22, 2020 and filed the SS4 for the EIN on that date and was approved. Mr, Butts is the registered owner of the corporation and the sole Board Member at this time. No Board meeting have been held as of this date. The registered address of the corporation is 3004 5th Ave. Altoona. PA 16602.   Principal Equity Holders in Veterans Sunrise Center and Technology Educational Institute are Dennis M. Butts and David Goldsmith. VETERAANS SUNRISE CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE It is one of Honor Valor Courage Corporation, HVCC Equity Holdings owning fifty percent (50%) of the outstanding equity. The Honor Valor Courage Corporation equity in Veterans Sunrise Center & Technology Educational Institute will be held by HVCC EQUITY HOLDINGS.

Mr. Butts is the Chairman of Honor Valor Courage Corporation which has 34 divisions and LLC, and 13 Academies. Mr. Butts is A highly decorated Vietnam Veteran and was awarded three Purple Heart Medals as a Forward Observer with Delta 212 Marines attached to First Battalion Ninth Marines (1/9) known as the Walking Dead and the All American Hero Award in 2013 at the Hero Ball during the 2013 Inauguration. There have been three books written about Mr. Butts in Vietnam and his time working with troop with PTSD and TBI. Letters to Mon, Still the Monkey and Beyond the Wall the Journey Home. He was the HOST and producer of the acclaimed  cable TV Show After Action Report for four years and now being relaunch this fall on THEVETERANS.LIVE  broadcasting Network. 

Mr. Goldsmith is a disciple of the multi-disciplined marine engineering training system promulgated in Great Britain form which he received degrees in studies at the Poplar Technical College and Southampton University. Mr. Goldsmith is an international power system engineer having worked in project throughout the world. Mr. Goldsmith is President of Power Consultants, Inc. He is the author of "Safety Management in Construction & Industry" Clients include Reading Anthracite Company, Schuylkill Energy Resources, Black River Cogeneration Partnership, Smith & Robson, M&M Mars, Quaker Oaks, Bethlehem Steel Corporation, Gannett Fleming, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Occidental Energy, VOGT-NEM and SCI . Mr. Goldsmith owns the power plant on the existing site of construction for VETERANS SUNRISE CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE. Mr. Goldsmith served as a Officer in the British Merchant Marine Service. 

VETERANS SUNRISE CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE  under an agreement with Veterans Sunrise Center, Inc. 501 C 3 to donate a percentage of the profits to the 501 C 3 from the VETERANS SUNRISE CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONL INSTITUTE  to support the ongoing operations and programs. 

On the 4th of July, 2020 Dennis M. Butts Chairman of Honor Valor Courage Corporation and David Goldsmith of  Veterans Sunrise Center a 501 C- 3  signed the combined Teaming Agreement and Memorandum to co-develop the new VETERANS SUNRISE CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE in Greensburg, Pennsylvania.

Mr. Goldsmith owners the land and property formerly known as the Greensburg State Prison and was working on developing the property into a Veteran Care facility. Mr. Butts was planning to build the HVCC Educational Institute, The National Veterans Education Institute and the HVCC Academies in Ebensburg, PA.

Mr. Michael Brown who was introduced to Mr. Goldsmith call Mr. Butts and stated we needed to talk about the possibly of bring these two projects together. Mr. Butts and Mr. Weidlich HVCC Chief of Staff visited Mr. Goldsmith and his Son Rhett Goldsmith at the property for a meeting and walk through of the property two weeks ago.

Mr. Butts and Mr. Goldsmith met in three different meeting over the last two weeks and the perfect synergy was evident and the relationship was formed between Honor Valor Courage Corporation and Veteran Sunrise Center  a 501 C 3.

Mr. Butts developed the Teaming Agreement and MOU which was signed on the 4th of July to co-develop this project. The signing was done over our ZOOM network and attended by Dennis M. Butts Chairman Honor Valor Courage Corporation, David Goldsmith of Veterans Sunrise Center 501 C-3  and Mr. Michael Brown Honor Valor Courage Corporation Direct of Diversity Programs and Funding who made this fantastic relationship induction.

The project at VETERANS SUNRISE CENTER will consist of all programs planned for the Veterans Sunrise Center 501 C-3 and all programing from HVCC Educational Institute, The National Veterans Education Institute and the 13 HVCC Academies all Honor Valor Courage Corporation 34 divisions and LLCs will be involved in the project. 

The company has been filed in Delaware as a C Corporation and we have obtained our Federal Employer Identification number EIN for VETERAS SUNRISE CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE.  VETERANS SUNRISE CENTER, Inc. carries a full 501 C-3  federal certification. HVCC carries a full Government DUNs Number and Veteran Owned and Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business SDVOSB eligible designation.