First Pillar is the Malls which provide the basic component of our program. The Malls have the required space for the program. We look for properties with over one million square feet which are non-preforming or under-performing. The Malls of this size usually have their own sub-station with are over-sized to accommodate the development pads not just the mall square footage. This is an important factor in our feasibility calculations. If the development of the Mall and pads with retail, stores, offices, restaurants, hospitals, etc. are large this means the power consumptions are adequate to provide excellent revenue to the developer from the HVCC REIT SOLAR DEFENSE POWER Program. The Malls buy the power from the local power company provide at bulk rates and this allows the Mall to continue to provide the power to the tenants in the Mall and on the pads at a profit that they use from our solar farms. This rate will be several cents per kilowatt lower than the current power company rate to provide a very competitive financial reason to make a change to HVCC REIT SOLAR DEFENSE POWER.

The Second Pillar is HVCC Large Tenant usage program. The large tenant usage program refers to HVCC REIT SOLAR DEFENSE POWER taking over a large tenant space usually up to 60,000 square feet of space in the existing Mall to offset the loss of the of a major retail tenant to keep the leasing square foot above the discounted rate for minimum leased space. By taking this space and utilizing the space for large SCIF applications to store inbox inverter for the Critical Infrastructure Protection Program which will be used to replace damaged inverter if a EPW (Electronic Pulse Weapon) is exploded over the United States. Solar will be the only power still active for use for water, lights, heating and cooling though out the community. This space will become the focus of all activities for emergency response, law enforcement, medical personal, civil defense and National Guard personnel.  This HVCC REIT SOLAR DEFENSE POWER Large Tenant Program will be supported by this program through the CIPA. This will also draw new tenant and expand current tenants for the developers. This will be rent free space as a large tenant. HVCC REIT SOLAR DEFENSE POWER will also run it solar training programs at these locations and provide U.S. Veterans employment opportunities, which will provide additional support, promotions and traffic for the current and future stores.

The Third Pillar is the local power provider who will be involved under a power rebate program. This program will be beneficial to offset the cost of building new power facilities and power distribution infrastructure to supply new and increase power demands in the area. Our HVCC REIT SOLAR DEFENSE POWER will reduce the demand side due to our offloading of the heavy load that the Mall and pads were requiring, and we are taking that offload off the grid with HVCC REIT SOLAR DEFENSE POWER This can be equal to the power consummation of over two hundred fully loaded homes.  This rebate will be negotiated between the power company and HVCC SOLAR DEFENSE POWER and will be paid to HVCC REIT SOLAR DEFENSE POWER for installing the solar farm for the developer.

The Forth Pillar is Economic Development Authority for the community or area due to the desire to increase the tax base of the area or community by allowing new homes to be built by Real Estate Developers. This could now be done without the restraint of not having the power to the to the development that otherwise could be restrictive. By taking the offload of two hundred or more large homes the by HVCC REIT SOLAR DEFENSE POWER the economic development tax base can be considerably increased. Not counting the lost tax revenue by having the Mall closed or down sized as well as the lost tax revenue of the employees, as well as the revenue from the new home owner’s income tax base. HVCC REIT SOLAR DEFENSE POWER is a win-win-win program.

The Fifth Pillar is the Federal, State and Local Government funding for the Critical Infrastructure Protection Act (CIPA). The Federal, State and Local Government are on a major push to develop and improve the Critical Infrastructure which includes the National Electric Grid. The is really a true critical issue with the advent of North Korea and Iran now have the capability to launch Nuclear Weapon, and even more alarming EPW (Electronic Pulse Weapons). EPW do not have to be exploded on impact, which we have solutions for, but are exploded in the outer atmosphere where we cannot protect the United States from High Altitude Explosion HAE is a real threat! If a EPW HAE takes place it is estimated that it will take over two years to begin to get very basic services back and then we will still be back in the early 1800s.

The Sixth Pillar is our special operations teams. HVCC REIT SOLAR DEFENSE POWER is the only company that has its own special operations group to be deployed in case of EPWs. These Teams are trained and will undergo intense training at both the HVCC Educational Institute located in Johnstown, Pa on our 200,000 total square foot campuses, and also go through our advanced physical, conditional and mental training at our training facility in Montana on Flathead Lake. Here these former Seals, Green Berets, Marine Recon, Rangers Air Rescue operators hone their skills in sky driving insertion, deep water diving, crowd control, advance weapons, fuel transfer, SCIFs, Tempest, UAV DRONES Technology, Dedrone Systems, equestrian training, heavy equipment operation and much more. Our Special Operations Team, are intended to help protect our HVCC Solar Defense Power, LLC. Centers, clear access points, install after EPW attack solar wind inverters, as well as to support the local police, state police, first responders, medical personnel and Red Cross personnel.  

This is real and why the government is pouring huge money in solar for the military and has spent hundreds of millions of dollars moving Government systems into the Cheyenne Mountains, where they can be protected. HVCC REIT SOLAR DEFENSE POWER is the only civilian commercial company working on a solution for this threat. This is a huge National Defense Initiative and HVCC REIT SOLAR DEFENSE POWER is the front runner on this effort.         





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