Honor Valor Courage Corporation

Honor Valor Courage Career Centers

The Honor Valor Courage Career Centers are the education hub of the corporation.  At the Career Center we provide instruction on many areas of endeavors and specialties which Honor Valor Courage Corporation requires in UAV/DRONE, business, medicine and broadcasting. The Honor Valor Courage Career Centers are located in beautiful central North Carolina. All educations programs are under the direction of Dawn Hull CEO of Honor Valor Courage Corporation Education Programs.  Dawn has over twenty five years (25) of education experience in college and university level administration.    

Veterans and Native Indians American can come  to our Honor Valor Courage Career Centers and learn the trades and skills to then work for Honor Valor Courage Corporation in any one of our many different fields. Wither it is in one of our medical facilities, on a broadcast set or location, a construction site or working in accounting, financing, marketing, in advanced technology or UAV/DRONE Technology. You will be trained and certified to preform those task at no-cost to you.  We employee who we train!

The Honor Valor Courage Career Centers will provide some of the greatest instructors in the country either as full time former military instructors, visiting specialist is a special field or as one of our partnering company on our specialized equipment programs, you will be trained to became part of the Honor Valor Courage Corporation highly skill, trained and motivated employee base.   

Honor Valor Courage Career Centers are provided at no cost to Veteran or Native Indian American who are to be employed before enrollment by Honor Valor Courage Corporation.

The Honor Valor Courage Careers  Centers will be open in the fall of 2019 to outside tuition enrollment to these who which to take advantage of this outstanding education and possible career opportunities for non-veterans. Non-Veterans and non-employees will receive the same excellent training as our veterans to go forth into the market place fully prepared to preform any task required.  

Tuition for former military personnel who are not becoming employees of Honor Valor Courage Corporation will greatly reduced by 25% for all veterans and an additional 25% reduction for any combat veteran.