Honor Valor Courage Corporation


The Honor Valor Courage Institute, Inc. Speakers Network  provides some of the top Speakers in the country on subjects related to our nations veterans and veterans issues. We can provide speakers for every type of event both larger and small. From national to local events, we look at each the same way and work to find the best speaker for that event.

We can provide major names from the world of entertainment, military, sports and business to enhance your event from every level.

The Dennis M. Butts speech "For You"and the special presentation from his series focused on the emotions of a combat warrior titled "Lost Soul" are a powerful example of some of our unique speakers presentations. www.understandnow.us

Please contact us at dbutts@honorvalorcourage.org or call 814-312-6104  to discuss your next event with one of our event coordinators. 

Dennis M. Butts