Honor Valor Courage Corporation


Veterans We Are Doing It FOR YOU

Thank You - We Honor You and Your Families

Why do our finest men and women go off to war? This is my answer and is the answer as to why we are doing these amazing programs now. The very words, HONOR VALOR COURAGE are what the company is built on. The Honor Valor Courage Corporation is built on the Honor on the men and women and the families who will give it all for this country. The Valor of what they have done under unbelievable conditions to protect others. Courage to go where others fear to go, to fight to protect this country and everyone who lives here.

We will start everyday at Honor Valor Courage Corporation and remember those who are not with us and those who are in harms way.

I would ask you to just stop and think for one moment that as you read this, someone you may or most likely do not know is in combat in a far off land. They are hungry, dirty, hot, tired and mentally wasted. They are getting ready to move out on another operation to try to find the enemy to protect YOU! They are not there for  the adventure or excitement or for honor or medals, that has long since passed any thoughts, they are there FOR YOU!

Some will be killed today, some will be wounded, some will just go back and get ready to do it all FOR YOU again tomorrow and each tomorrow after that ,till they cannot do it anymore FOR YOU! If that is because they are killed, wounded or sent home to remember each day they, did this FOR YOU, for the rest of their lives. You may watch the news channel and for a brief moment think about them in harms way and say how bad it is, but for the families of those who never come home and paid the highest price FOR YOU they will never be able to turn to another channel, that is their news channel forever, the day they heard the dreadful news.

For the wounded who make it home they cannot change the channel either, all they have to do is look in the mirror; the ones who have the hidden wounds in their minds they just have to close their eyes. They are locked on that channel forever and they did this all FOR YOU! Most of you who read this will never know the fear of knowing and have never met someone who, wants to kill you and the emotions of knowing you are going to kill someone you have never met and do not know, but this is the world of the combat troops who do it every day FOR YOU!

Please just take one minute each day and say thank you to the troops who are standing on the wall to protect you and are willing to die, be wounded or mentally hurt for the rest of their lives FOR YOU! It does not take much, but they will know. When you see someone in uniform just say thank you for protecting me. If you hear someone say they were deployed just say welcome home. If you see someone with a Purple Heart Medal or ribbon on their uniform or license plate or anywhere you see it just say thank you for sheading your blood for me.

They did it all FOR YOU!              


Dennis M. Butts

Three Purple Heart Awardee/All American Hero Awardee 2013

Founder: Honor Valor Courage  Foundation and Institute