HVCC UAV DRONE Technology Group is now a International Agent for ALTI Transition DRONE. The incredible DRONE features a vertical take off and landing platform with a 6 hour flight time.The ALTI  Transition will be part of HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP Inventory.

The HVCC UAV/DRONE Technology Group is dedicated to the advancement of the applications of UAVs and DRONEs in the commercial markets. 

The applications for UAVs/DRONEs continues to increase and HVCC UAV/DRONE Technology Group  will be the center of these applications within our Corporation, Family of Supporting Companies, Partners and Vendors that will be moving into these exciting application with in their organizations.  With our partner United States Veterans Education Institute, Inc. providing training and education for our Veterans in UAVs and Drones providing well trained and experienced pilots, maintenance and data analysis personnel.

​The applications in Solar and Wind Turbine Inspection, HydroPower DAM Inspection, crop evaluation for the Indian Nations to get better yield, the oil and gas line inspections warehouse inventory analysis, construction, and high rooftop Inspection and many more application all of which Honor Valor Courage Corporation and it HVCC Groups or supporting companies and partners are involved in make UAVs and DRONES a market that required HVCC UAV/DRONE Technology Group  to enter.

​HVCC UAV/DRONE Technology Group will be focused on our own internal applications and companies and will also pursuing other clients outside our own centers of Companies, Partners, Supporting Companies and future partners or clients.

HVCC UAV/DRONE Technology Group offers the only RENTAL PROGRAM anywhere in the world.  Corporations, Industries, Construction Companies, Utilities, Solar and Wind Power Companies can rent a full heavy duty UAV/DRONE Vader HL Model from SteadiDrone with the heaviest lifting capacity in the market at 55lb or ALTI Transition VTOL fix wing long endurance fight time and vertical take off and landing for as little as $385.00 a day including pilot and shipping back and forth. (Pilot's and crew travel is extra) Our pilots are fully insured for any operations or project by one of the world largest insurance companies in the world.  Longer RENTAL's are available with our discount program.  

HVCC UAV/DRONE Technology Group is also offering the first Pilot Leasing Program for companies who which to purchase their own UAV/DRONE but don't want to carry the expense the answer is HVCC Pilot Leasing.  Our pilots and certified, trained and experienced on the UAV/DRONE you will be flying.  HVCC UAV/DRONE Technology Group eliminates the high cost of keeping Pilots on your payroll but are available when your need the. The unique HVCC UAV/DRONE Pilot Leasing Program is only available to HVCC UAV/DRONE clients.      

HVCC UAV/DRONE Technology Group also offers the only complete leasing programs from our In-House Leasing Program. We will provide leasing from for HVCC UAV/DRONE Technology Group clients with NO FINANCIALS. 




Honor Valor Courage Corporation


The HVCC UAV/DRONE Technology Group


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