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PRO SOCCER PROMOTIONS was developed by Mr. Dennis M. Butts who founded Pro Soccer Experience 20 years ago in 1995 and began play in 1996 and focused on the first players from the DC United.  Mr. Butts has been instrumental in the promotion of soccer programs for over twenty years.

Mr. Butts coached youth soccer for 10 years and was voted the parents coach many time during those 10 years. Mr. Butts has been involved in youth sports for 40 years and has coached youth football, soccer and LAX. His philosophy of "I coach to win-but I don't win to Coach" is famous in youth sports.

Mr. Butts also is the Founder of LTA "Leadership Through Athletic" a program dedicated to training in all aspects of sports for both high School Students as well as Veterans to gain knowledge and experience form the experts in the field. LTA program is part of our Interactive Sports Networks. www.interactivesportsnetworks.com

Mr. Butts has represented many athletes and professional teams many areas and negotiations. 

PRO SOCCER PROMOTIONS was formed to promote the sport of soccer  through representation, tournaments, adult and Youth Soccer programs and Veterans Soccer programs and Leagues. 

ISBN.LIVE will be the official broadcasting network for youth tournaments and THEVETERANS.LIVE will be the broadcasting network for all Veterans Soccer League Games and Tournaments.