Honor Valor Courage Corporation


HVCC TELECOMMUCATIONS & DATA  is muchmore than just another provider of technology products and solutions – we’re your one-stop shop for growing your business. Our line card includes industry-leading covering everything from videoconferencing systems and unified communications to network and wireless infrastructure. We invest in the resources, programs, and people that help you find and close more deals. And, we’re dedicated to enabling, training, and supporting you every step of the way. If you want a technology provider you can trust to do more than just ship the box, we've got you covered. 

HVCC TELECOMMUNICATIONS & DATA is a full service telecommunication and data company representing many major companies in the industry. Mr. Butts Chairman of HVCC has over ​​47 years in the telecom business from every aspect. He is one of the top consultants on multi-disciplinary medical practice communication. Me. Butts is considered an expert in video communications and video collaboration and a earlier developer of video technology.

Mr. Butts sold some of the first MITEL Systems in the U.S. the MITEL SX 100 and SX 200 and then the SX20. Mr. Butts helped develop over ten interconnect telephone companies in the eastern United States. He owner his own interconnect company Hunter Electronic with five office in VA. He was also the principal of WestCom Communications in West Virginia.  Mr. Butts has been and expert witness for Grand Juries in trails regarding wire tapping cases in New Jersey and has testified in cases against restriction of trade regarding case involving STP Coupler use by C&P Telephone. Mr. Butts has a very in-depth knowledge of the telecommunication and date world. Mr. Butts has experience in Secured Encrypted cabling under government level 3.  Mr. Butts has a heavy background in TEMPIST and SCIFs in the data world. 

​HVCC TELECOMMUNICATIONS & DATE offer a full line of MICROSOFT TEAMS PBXs,  Mitel and Key Systems. 

HVCC TELECOMMUNICATIONS & DATA is also a complete provider of all your  Polycom business-technology communication solutions which are simple and easy to integrate, allowing employees to do their jobs more intelligently, more flexibly, more quickly, and more precisely than ever before.