​HVCC GLOBAL LEASING GROUP is a member of the HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION family of companies. It was formed to provide leasing on a global bases to our clients in very specific market and applications.  We are not your standard run of the mill leasing firm. HVCC GLOBAL LEASING GROUP works with it core member of the HVCC FAMLY OF COMPANIES,  the over one hundred members of the HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER and their clients to provide a leasing service that caters to their programs and requirements.   HVCC GLBAL LEASING GROUP is a member of the HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER.

HVCC GLOBAL LEASING GROUP understands the markets our clients, our  Companies and projects are involved in and therefore we can make very informed and quick decisions on how and what type of leasing we can and will do. We also are a company which has huge access to direct funding for our own markets and Corporate BONDs and therefore we can work on a large project that other leasing companies would have to turn down. 

​HVCC GLOBAL LEASING GROUP can provides leasing for  municipalities, state governments  and Indian Nations who are part of HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER.  There is no cost to be in the HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER only the ability to add to the offering of all parties. 

We also are able to customize leases for our partners and clients that are based on different criteria than normal leasing companies would use sense we do not deal on the open markets of leasing.

HVCC GLOBAL LEASING GROUP specializes in UAVs DRONEs, DEDRONE ANTI-DRONE PROTECTION SYSTEMS (for prisons, solar fields, critical infrastructure protection, resorts protection), armored vehicles, data center systems and communications and telecommunications system and advanced security systems.  We also provide a large specialized medical service that provide medical practices and hospitals associated with HVCC Family of Companies and large variety of leases. The Medical Group all so provides Medical Personnel Leasing Programs for Hospitals.

This program will be implemented at the Sauteurs Waterfront Destination Medical Facility in Grenada. 



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