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                      Dennis M. Butts


Now I Understand is a Supporting Member for the Honor Valor Courage Foundations.

‚ÄčMr. Butts will be re-launching his famous TV Series in January After Action Report with an new format featuring special interest stories on veterans and veteran businesses. The show will be seen on the TV Worldwide.tv networks under USVETs.tv channel. It is a weekly show with a full 4 camera shot with live broadcast.

Mr. Butts appeared on the TV Show on  Concussion TV  on December 11, 2015.  The link can be see here.  www.tvworldwide.com . Mr. Butts was one of the experts along with Dr. Nisha Money and Kathy Helmick Deputy Director for the Defense Center Excellence. Mr. Butts discussed his experience in Viet Nam and how he was affected by his experience and how it affected other Viet Nam Veterans to this day.

The Now I Understand Lecture and Seminar Programs offers a wide range of topics and subjects of interest to our veterans, troops and families.  These include social, finance, medical, career and educational lectures and seminars.

The widely acclaimed Now I Understand Series of Lectures and Seminars is featured www.understandnow.us and is available live and fully interactive on the our Lecture and Seminar Network.

The Now I Understand, unique software program allows those attending the lectures and seminars to fully interact with the host and ask questions and see all the other attendees just as if they were in the same room. They can share and work on documents that are presented in the lecture or seminar and become part of the program instead of being in a boring webinar.

The Now I Understand Lecture and Seminar Network is also available for corporations, associations and other organizations to utilize on a contract or per use fee basis. The Honor Valor Courage Institute, Inc.'s experienced Lecture and Seminar team can help any organization put together a first class Lecture or Seminar program from our studios or from you own office or location. Now I Understand and its partners have experienced production, on-site camera and post editing experts available for support of your Lecture or Seminar production. The executives at Now I Understand Production and Broadcasting Group have years of senior level executive experience with major studios and are available to support your requirements for any Lecture or Seminar.

Now I Understand can also, through our Speakers Network create a complete private Lecture or Seminar series designed for your origination, with top names speakers or talent. This is an exclusive feature that only Now I Understand, Inc. can offer, due to it vast reach of executives, sports figures, military leaders and celebrities who support the Honor Valor Courage Institute, Inc. and the Honor Valor Courage Foundation, Inc. mission of helping our troops, veterans and their families.

For information on developing a Lecture and Seminar Program for you organization please call our Lecture and Seminar Team at 814-312-6104 or email: lectures@honorvalorcourage.org

**The new season of the Dennis M. Butts, Now I Understand, Lectures and Seminars Series with time, dates  and cost of the various lectures and seminars will posted in the news section on our site as well as on this page shortly.