Honor Valor Courage Corporation

The HVCC MONITORING CENTER  is a fully secured monitoring facility which monitors all our UAV Done Flights visually, monitors all Dedrone Alarms from systems around the world at our installations at WorldGate Communities International, WorldGate Veterans Communities, WorldGate Communities Metro, Veterans Sunrise Center & Technology Educational Institute Greensburg, Pa Campus, All Solar Systems alarms on our 100MW Solar field, alarms on all IO Solar Storage Batteries Systems, alarms on all home with IO Fuel Cells and all IO Energy Microgrids and Nanogrids installed by HVCC Energy. HVCC MONITORING CENTER  also monitors all entry and exit from any secured facility on HVCC property and also provide visual back up monitoring for the Certified Secured Data Centers and SCIFs. 

The HVCC MONITORING CENTER is a critical component of HVCC Security Programs. Our agents are cleared at what level the order requires from not required to secret to top secret.  The new HVCC MONITORING CENTER will be re located from Pennsylvania to the West Virginia, Veterans Sunrise Center & Technology Educational Institute Campus.