COMBAT ARMS SYSTEMS CORPORATION (CASC)  was  founded by Dennis M. Butts  the Chairman, Principal Equity Holder and Principal Intellectual Property Holder is a highly decorated Marine Corps veteran who was awarded three Purple Hearts for combat in the DMZ (Dead Marine Zone) with Delta Battery 212 as an Scout Forward Observer attached to First Battalion Ninth Marines "The Walking Dead" . Mr. Butts also was a radio operator in the Fire Direction Control at Gio Linh and Con Thien.  The two most forward positions in Vietnam taking fire missions from his counter part FOs in the field. He was inducted in to the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor. 

Br. Butts has over 50 year in the counter-terrorism field developing systems, programs and technology to protect our country.  He was awarded the All American Hero Award in 2013 for his continuous work regarding our countries veterans.  Mr. Butts is also Chariman of Honor Valor Courage Corporation and Veterans National Center & Technology Educational Institute. He is the Founder of TheVeterans.Live  Broadcasting Network and Now I Understand Seminar, Lectures and Dynamic Readings and is the a author of short stories for Veterans.  There have been three book written about Mr. Butts. 

Combat Arms Systems Corporation (CASC) is a  Delaware C Corporation that provides on exclusive and non-exclusive bases interactive collaboration of systems, products and technology between companies in the law enforcement, defense and military markets. Combat Arms Systems Corporation  CASC  provides our service on both direct contact through our relationships with the agencies and military as well as program designed to enhance our sales through value-add programs with Military Organizations such as Army & Air Force Exchange Service, Marine Corps Community Services MCCS and NEX on base. Combat Arms Systems Corporation CASC can bid on Government contract as a prime or subcontractor  utilizing our Veterans Owned and SDVOSB qualified status.  Federal Contracts maybe preformed under Combat Arms Systems Corporation Federal DUNS number and SAM.Gov.  Combat Arms Systems Corporation CASC is assigned as a prime or sub to provide the required services under that part of the requirement  under the bid requirement or IDIQ or the government vehicle in which we are to be part of for technology as will Veterans National Educational & Technology Educational Institute for all training and education required on that bid or government vehicle will be assigned as a sub-contractor. 
We also market these products to the Federal markets under our qualified Service-Disabled Veteran Small Business and Veterans Owned Business status and set asides. We market the various projects and programs under IDIQ  “US Federal government contracting, IDIQ is an abbreviation of the term indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity. This is a type of contract that provides for an indefinite quantity of supplies or services during a fixed period of time. The legal origin of IDIQ contracts is the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) section 16.504(a) (48 C.F.R. 16.504(a)). IDIQs are also sometimes called "Task Orders" or "Delivery Order Contracts." IDIQ contracts are a subtype of Indefinite Delivery Contract (IDC), which is a "vehicle that has been awarded to one or more vendors to facilitate the delivery of supply and service orders." and an list of General Service Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Schedules and Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs), agency-specific Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract vehicles through our partners as subcontractor and at time as the Prime Bidder on Government contract.

Combat Arms Systems Corporation (CASC) works with many of our 100 plus Government contracting partners to provide solutions for Defense and Military programs. 

Combat Arm Systems Corporation (CASC)  is not just a provider of defense, law enforcement and military systems but a solutions integrator bringing together many of our partners technology and developments together as one, to create one solution for our clients.

Honor Valor Courage Corporation, Combat Arms Systems Corporation and Veterans National Center & Technology Educational Institute all are qualified VOSB and qualified SDVOSBC. 

​The government limits competition for certain contracts to businesses that participate in the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business program.

Self-Certifying The SDVOSBC program is self-certifying, meaning that no verification process is currently required. It will be necessary to indicate the status of the business as “Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business” in the section of the federal System for Award Management (SAM) applicable to socio-economic categories.

​Disabled veterans’ business program qualifications
To qualify for the disabled veterans’ business program, your business must:
Be a small business
Be at least 51% owned and controlled by one or more service-disabled veterans
Have one or more service-disabled veterans manage day-to-day operations and also make long-term decisions
Eligible veterans must have a service-connected disability



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