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Combat Arms Systems Corporation (CASC) is a Delaware C Corporation and a subsidiary division of Honor Valor Courage Corporation that provides on exclusive and non-exclusive bases interactive collaboration of systems, products and technology between companies in the defense and military markets.    

Combat Arms Systems Corporation (CASC) works with many of our 100 plus partners to provide solutions for Defense and Military programs. 

Combat Arm Systems Corporation (CASC)  is not just a provider of defense and military system but a solutions integrator bringing together many of our partners technology and developments together as one, to create one solution for our clients. 

Whether it is bringing together UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY to connect to that then connects our UVA and DRONEs to monitoring centers to allow over 300 troops or agents to see the UAV or DRONE video streams on standard devices and computers utilizing  POLY G 7500 CRISIS CONTROL and COMMAND with IMMERSIVE TELEPRESENCE COLLABORATION SYSTEM, ZOOM NETWORKS, HVCC MONITORING CENTERS and HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP . This is a proprietary system developed by HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER. 

CASC utilizing a new lithium-ion technology to be deployed in Light Armored Reconnaissance vehicles and armored vehicles for battery back up on all weapon systems to help save our troops from enemy fire from RAHI SYSTEM.

CASC utilizing one of our partners designed liquid acrylic latex ceramic insulation on combat vehicles to reduce the heat inside by up to 30 degrees or keep the heat inside in freezing cold from TEMP-COAT. 

CASC provide integrated video collaboration systems solutions from major provides like Polycom RealPresence Immersive Studio for CRISIS COMMAND and CONTROL system which are FIPS 104-2 104-3 certified.

 Maybe it is providing full interactive Military and Defense training through INTERACTIVE COLLEGE NETWORKS utilizing Microsoft Teams and POLYCOM systems. 

CASC provides military and defense agencies with modular housing and facilities both secure and non-secured as well as combat tactical cities training facilities through our partner Modular Direct. Modular Direct  has built combat cities for both the FBI and DEA as well as the CIA training center known as the FARM. Modular Direct has full architects on staff to work with any Agency in the design and structure of modular combat cities with both live fire as well as non-fire setups. Modular Direct is also very experienced in the modular development of base housing and base facilities buildings.

CASC  is responsible for providing security through LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT for LNG and Oil drillers and pipelines around the world utilizing Dedrone System. 

CASC  is commissioned to provide security from bad actor’s drones with WorldGate Community International Project being developed around the world. These projects are over 500 acres raises form the ocean floor incorporating 1000 room five-star hotels, medical centers, ports, LNG storage centers and Oil Tank Farms, entertainment center, casinos (where permitted), broadcasting center and much more. CAS will utilize the Dedrone System for anti-drone protection integrated with HVCC DRONE DEFENSE SERIES that increase the advance notification from 1000 meters to 20 miles. 

CASC works with major providers of Bullet Resistance Barriers and Equipment for integration in many of our project including WorldGate Community International and Modular Direct regarding their combat cities projects and programs.  We also market these products to the Federal markets under Honor Valor Courage Corporation’s and CAS Service Disabled Veteran Small Business and Veterans Owned Business status and set asides.


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