Honor Valor Courage Corporation

​​​​HVCC SOLAR WIND Technology Group

HVCC SOLAR Technology Group is now HVCC SOLAR WIND Technology Group and has announces that it now includes a full compliment of WIND Power products and services. HVCC SOLAR WIND is now working with several major WIND companies on both a national and international level to provide WIND Power to the Indian Nations and Island national as well as the new open government land for energy development. HVCC SOLAR WIND Technology Group has been ask by many Indian Nations  and one major Island Nation to provide WIND Power to our solar programs. HVCC SOLAR WIND will provide new and resell WIND product form major manufactures and suppliers as well as full development programs in the US and on Indian Lands.

HVCC has received six additional solar project this week on Indian Reservation both in the US and in Canada. HVCC Solar Technology Group is beginning the evaluation of these project and analyzing the questionnaire to  determine the feasibility of each project.  This would bring the total of solar project on Indian Lands currently under evaluation and development to over seven major project. HVCC Solar Technology Group only looks and evaluates projects larger than 20 MW. Most of our projects are in the range of 30 to 50 MWs.

 ​HVCC Solar Technology Groups utilizes only NABEP certified Veteran owned, Veterans or Indian Nations installers on any HVCC Solar Technology Group project where possible. If this is not possible we work with NABEP certified and a certified electrician to verify your system’s wiring and tie the solar system into the utility grid. There are a lot of great solar installer/installation companies out there, but it’s always good to know how many years of experience they have installing grid-tied PV systems or off-grid PV (if you want off-grid). And make sure their electrical and general contractor licenses are current, and have no pending judgments or liens against it. Also, some solar rebate and incentive programs require installers to have solar-specific credentials-solar contracting licenses or solar certifications, like NABCEP accreditation.

We know that NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) is committed to providing a certification program of quality and integrity for both solar professionals and solar consumers/public it is designed to serve. NABCEP certification is given to solar installers who demonstrate competence through 58 hours of training and 10 hours of OSHA construction safety. HVCC Solar Technology Group maintains a complete network of NABEP certified installation companies in every state in the country. Under this program  we can provide our clients full solar services and installation any where in the United States and on all Indian Land.

HVCC Solar Technology is now a proud provider of the full line of RENVU for solar technology. RENVU www.renvu.com is a premier company in the solar industry selling individual components, PV Panels, training software, tools and project planning tools for the solar industry. This is another part of the over all program full for HVCC Solar Technology to become a force in this every expanding billion dollar solar market.  Mr. Butts stated the addition of RENVU will allow HVCC Solar Technology to enter the growing specialized solar market for small companies, farming, construction and other specialized markets.