Honor Valor Courage Corporation

             HVCC Technology Group


 HVCC Technology Group is a Honor Valor Courage Corporation Division

HVCC Technology Group  offers a wide array of technology products and services through it vast network of partners and technology companies. Honor Valor Courage Technology Services can help any veteran owned company larger or small accomplish it technology goals. 

Where ever your technology requirements are, HVCC Technology Group can handle for you.

This is a service available only through HVCC Technology Group and only for veterans and veteran owned businesses. 

HVCC Technology Group, is a national Global Partner for RingCentral Communications and collaboration software.  Honor Valor Courage Corporation utilizes RingCentral on all meetings and programs. HVCC Technology Group is a major user application developer for RingCentral and is a key software in the UAV development program and is the key video application software being use throughout the Honor Valor Courage Campuses.

HVCC Technology Group is a Member of the Supporting program of the VETERANS SUNRISE CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE.