The HVCC Knowledge Center where Companies, partners, vendors, corporations, and military client can come together to solve any issues or problems for the Governments, Military, Companies and Corporations around the globe. This process is incredibly unique in that as we receive a project, we open that project up to all our member companies at the HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER. The Members can evaluate the project and review the requirement from the RFP, RFI or request for consulting to HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER. At that point any Member who has input and desires to work on that project or consulting contract, will become part of the KNOWLEDGE CENTER, PROJECT TEAM and will share in all income or revenue derived from that Project or Consulting Contract.

The HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER will then develop an agreement with the owner of the process or product if they wish, to develop an agreement through a Process Patent.  Where they and every Member who has had input and/or has performed work on that contract, will share in that Patent equal to their input or performance of the continuous royalties from that project or product that has resulted from the any contract or award if they so desire and HVCC Family of  Companies will develop future marketing and sales with them under the Patent.

Currently there are over 100 HVCC Knowledge Centers Members and it is expected there will be over 200 members in 2021. There is no direct cost to be a MEMBER in the HVCC KNOWLEDGY CENTER.

Honor Valor Courage Corporation