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A Delaware C Corporation
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WorldGate EV-H2 Refueling Centers are being developed by HVCC ENERGY GROUP, Inc a Delaware C Corporation which is a subsidiary of Honor Valor Courage Corporation under the banner of WorldGate EV-H2 REFUELING CENTERS A DIVISION OF WORLDGATE COMMUNITY INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION. The project is as an HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION. OEM project (Original Equipment Manufacturer) utilizing the technology of GOLU-H2 and INSTANT ON ENERGY and purchased through INSTANT ON ENERGY by HVCC Energy Group, Inc. a Subsidiary of HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION. We will also utilize the technology of MICROPOWER TC Waste 2 Energy Systems.

HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION will select which level 3 and 4 advanced chargers will be utilized. This is a multidisciplinary project utilizing WorldGate Exotic Wood sawmill by products for biofuel feed stock from WorldGate Exotic Wood  timber operations in Ghana, with over five million acres with another five million acres available to be harvested and Veterans National Center Technology Educational Institute, Veterans Tire to Energy program utilizing old tires to produce Syngas.


The purpose of the Agreement in Principle is to lay the groundwork for a formal contract between all parties after discovery and issues have been resolved to the satisfaction of all parties.

 Whereas Honor Valor Courage Corporation has the capability to provide marketing, sales, logistic and assembly services as well as providing Waste 2 Energy technology provided by MicroPower for the IO Energy OGLU-H2 new product GOLU-H2 off grid EV and Hydrogen refueling centers products in the United States and whereas IO Energy desires to have Honor Valor Courage Corporation to provide marketing, sales, assembly & logistic and Waist 2 Energy technology to enhance the sale in the United Sates military, DOD, Government Contractors, State Governments and commercial clients as an OEM (Original equipment manufacturer). Honor Valor Courage Corporation shall purchase components and systems for the WorldGate EV-H2 Refueling Centers from IO Energy. IO Energy shall provide all interface with GOLU H2 on technical matters. Honor Valor Courage Corporation has the right to allocate the number of chargers and the manufacturer of the EV chargers as the OEM.

 Honor Valor Courage Corporation and IO ENERGY shall develop a mutual agreed discount price to Honor Valor Courage Corporation as an OEM for the GOLU H2 system. Honor Valor Courage Corporation will use its construction, electrical and installation teams for this project.

 Land to install the EV-H2 Refueling centers will be the sole responsible of Honor Valor Courage

Corporation and such land will be the soul property of Honor Valor Courage Corporation. Honor Valor Courage

Corporation owns the right to assign these properties to WorldGate International Corporation. WorldGate International Corporation hold all Lease and land holding for Honor Valor Courage Corporation. The naming rights for the EV-H2 Refueling Centers sold by Honor Valor Courage Corporation will be under WorldGate EV-H2 Refueling Centers and have the WorldGate EV-H2 logo.


WorldGate EV-H2 Off Grid Refueling Centers is a WorldGate Community International

 WorldGate EV-H2 Refueling Centers are planned to be installed first in the state of Pennsylvania either east west on the Pennsylvania Turnpike or route 80. Also, on route 81 north and south from Pennsylvania to North Carolina. This Pennsylvania route is 360 miles. The distance of an average EV vehicle is 211 miles therefore we would space 12 WorldGate EV-H2 Refueling Center east and west.

Route 81 North and South is 1220 miles and go through Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York. We plan the North South leg of WorldGate EV-H2 Refueling Center. WorldGate EV-H2 Refueling Center will be placed every two hundred miles and there for will require 24 WorldGate EV-H2 Refueling Center on route 81.

WorldGate EV-H2 Refueling Centers will eventually be installed nationwide on major highways and interstate as well as off the main highways penetrating smaller communities for total off grid communities, at all WorldGate Community International Hotels and WorldGate Veterans Communities begin to advance around the United States.

Military bases are also a major area where the Centers we will install centers under Combat Arms Systems Corporations, Delaware File Number 5272933  EIN 86-3192307 D.U.N.S NUMBER 118032339 Government Defense Logistics Agency CAGE NUMBER 91WQ4 at the Base PX and Commissary which in part of the MWR programs of the Military. We will install other EV-H2 Center and Systems around the bases to fuel military vehicles under separate DOD contracts.


WorldGate EV-H2 Refueling Centers will feature full service convenience stores at all locations and WorldGate Villa Hotels at many of our centers. Our WorldGate Villa Hotels carry the same FLAG and luxury as our WorldGate Community International Resorts, WorldGate Elite Resorts and WorldGate Veterans Estates. All our WorldGate projects are 100% off grid and 100% self-sustaining.

WorldGate EV-H2 Off Grid Refueling Centers are planned for over 4000 locations in five years.


WORLDGATE  EV-H2 OFF GRID REFUELING CENTERS utilizes the amazing environmentally friendly MicroPower Waste to Energy systems at all our processing facilities

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MICROPOWER TC SYNGAS AND BIOFUEL PLANTS will be install around the country to support the project be suppling a continuous and reliable source of Syngas and biofuel. These plants will be a joint venture between Honor Valor Courage Corporation and AEon Corporation the parent company of MICROPOWER TC. We are currently in partnership with AEon Corporation in Angola on many projects. WorldGate Community International Corporation is installing this same system in all our self-contained five billion dollars capex project.

The first MICROPOWER TC SYNGAS and BIOFUEL PLANT is planned at Fayette, PA. We have and agreement with owner David Goldsmith who is an international power plant engineer and who owns the power plant on the site which currently supplies power th e Pennsylvania State Prison at Fayette to do a 99 year lease for forty acres of the eighty-two acres he owns at Fayette site. Under this agreement a series of metal prefabricated buildings will be constructed  where the feed stock will be inventoried and stored for processing  SYNGAS and BIOFUEL PLANT requires approximately ten acres.


WORLDGATE EV-H2 OFF GRID RELUELING CENTERS has secured a endless supply of Sorghum and saw mill by products from our partners in Ghana, Angola and Zambia.

We currently have commissioned over 5,000,000 acres of hard wood which will produce sawdust and sawmill by products in Ghana.

We have also commissioned over 1.5 million acres of Sorghum form three countries Ghana, Angola and Zambia. These 1.5 million acres of Sorghum can be harvested twice a year,


The VETERANS TIRE TO FUEL program is part of the OVER ALL WASTE TO ENERGY ZERO BALABCED BUDGET FOR MILITARY BASES developed by Dennis M Butts to allow Military bases to install waste to energy systems to be connected to hydrogen fuel cells to power microgrids and nanograds to provide 100% off grid power to military bases worldwide.

Under this program the bases will receive all new advanced technology power systems MICROPOWER TC at no increase of the current budget and take the base totally of the power grid.

The feed stock for this program is used tires! Tires produce the highest value of renewable natural gas which will in turn provide the gas to the hydrogen fuel cells which will then product all power for the base for lighting, heating, cooling, etc.

VETERANS NATIONAL CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE will be responsible for the administration of the Veterans Tire Collection program which is a critical part of the overall program.

This program will also be developed to provide tire feed stock for the MICROPOWER TC Systems which will provide SYNGAS to the EV-H2 REFUELING CENTERS.

Under this programs Veterans will be hired around the country to work in each state as Master Agents and then each country will be divided into pick up zones where veterans pick up used tires from retail and wholesale tire centers as well as any junk yards or scrape yards on a circuit and schedule. The tire is then taken to a regional collection center and transfer to eighteen wheeler trucks to be transferred to the MICROPOWER TC Waste 2 Energy process plants for processing.

Veterans will be paid per tire picked up on their route daily. It is estimated the monthly income to Veterans can be as high a $5,000 to $6,000 per month based on the route.

All vehicles will be company vehicles which are fully insured and maintained by VNCTEI. 

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Dennis M. Butts