HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION

Honor Valor Courage Corporation is a facilitator of projects and programs, set up to provide one company to represent the independent companies who support our veterans. We support all our veterans from many different backgrounds, but with one common connections, they are veterans. Honor Valor Courage Corporation is involved in three main areas, educations, careers and health services for our veterans and Indian Nations and we also serves as a referring center for other companies and individuals who wish to support our Veterans. Honor Valor Courage Corporation is a Veteran owned company.                                                    

All companies and division including corporate supports the programs through contribute payments from their EBITS (EARNINGS BEFORE INTEREST and TAXES) at 15% to HVCC EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE and THE NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE, to support the ongoing programs.  Each company , corporation or LLC that is independent owned who desire to support our countries veterans will be required to support at the same 15% level. Honor Valor Courage Corporation also has affiliate owned company program where their companies and LLCs pledged to support the development and  through profits, technology  and other valuable services. We thank all our Family of Supporting Companies for the generosity in support of our Veterans. 

Honor Valor Courage Corporation is focused on creating careers and educating all our Veterans.

Our campus will be the most unique you ever set foot on. We are all about educating our country's veterans. We know our veterans come from varied and widely different backgrounds, but we all have one common thread, we have earned the right to be called VETERANS.

All the Honor Valor Courage Campus and the National Veterans Educational Institute are built to provide a very different learning experience. One that incorporates classrooms, practical experience and interfacing with world experts in an environment in which all these elements come together.

HVCC EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE and  THE NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE provide a strong curriculum in UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY, OIL & GAS (LNG)TECHNOLOGY, ELECTRONIC PLUSE WEAPONS TECHNOLOGY, GRID SECURITY TECHNOLOGY and DEEP CEMENT MIXING TECHNOLOGY which are not normally taught in a trade school or college. These are technologies which are the center piece of HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION and WORLDGATE COMMUNITY INTERNATIONAL, therefor provide an excellent base for employment with our companies.

HVCC EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE is centered on a work study format in which our student receives both classroom instruction as well and practical on hands work experience at the same time. No matter which area of  training the Veterans enter at HVCC EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE they will go to class part of the day and work in one of many HVCC Family of Companies in our career programs part of the day in their chosen field. This co-operative education approach is the key to HVCC EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE.  

​HVCC EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE programs feature careers that are meaningful for today’s veterans and their families and not just a job. Each program has been evaluated as to the growth in that industry, the current salaries being earned and well as the future salaries and where the career fit within the HVCC Family of Companies. 

​​HVCC EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE is also a provider of careers for our graduates through the HVCC Family of Companies where over 90% of the graduates will be employed. Each educational program at the institute is designed to equip the student with knowledge to enter and advance in a career in one of the companies in the HVCC Families of Companies. 

​​This represents a tremendous number of careers for our graduates from HVCC EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE.  Add this to our huge network of clients who are partners and clients of HVCC Family of Companies, and you quickly understand how we need the large numbers of trained career veterans. 

​​The ​HVCC ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY PROGRAMS offers our students a unique opportunity to work and interface with many of the world’s leading experts in  areas that they never thought possible. We encourage ideas and projects that can be incorporated into the complex areas in these high-tech environments.  


                                                                                                                                      EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMS

The HONOR College Program is focused around the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines. This is an Honors Program where the applicants must have a minimum of 4.5 proficiency conduct rating and be reviewed by our review board and by the college before being accepted into the program. One hundred percent of the Veterans tuition, room and board, books, labs and other costs are covered by the HVCC EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE. The Veteran must have been a combat veteran, serving under fire, displaying Valor and the Courage to go before the screening board and continue in the demands of the highest standards to be eligible for this program. This unit will follow a military protocol with revile and mess at determined times, with required physical fitness testing. If two classes are miss for unexcused reason the veteran will be consider AWOL and terminated from the program. 

The Valor College Program is designed to recognize outstanding achievement by our students in our Trades Education Programs. Under this program, students who have completed their courses in their chosen trade field and who have displayed outstanding ability, initiative and character while in the Trade School will be offer the Valor College Program Scholarship and accepted into the HONOR COLLEGE PROGRAM with all the rights awarded to the Honors College Program to pursue a full four year college degree in their chosen field such as Engineering, Architecture or other related field. A total of four possible Valor College Programs Awards will be awarded each year.

The Courage College Program is a very special program set aside to honor the courage of a special group of Veterans who have entered our Program of the Culinary Arts Academy located in both our Johnstown Campus. From this group each year, we will honor four outstanding veterans for their service and COURAGE and who while studying at the Culinary Art Academy.  For this, we will select four woman and men to enter the HONOR College Program each year with all right of the Honors College Program to pursue a four-year college degree in the Culinary Art.

                                                                                                                                            HVCC UNIVERSITY PROGRAM


The UNIVERSITY is designed to provide the education on HVCC protocol, methods, compliance, inventory control, shipping and receiving and operations in all areas necessary to operate and run a successful HVCC Rental In-House Leasing operation. It is also where all Veterans LLC and Special Purpose LLC owners must attend to become certified for in UAV DRONE flight operations and ground school as well as Dedrone operations and setup.  

                                                                                                                                                   ACADEMY PROGRAMS

                                                                                                                       SOLAR WIND TRAINING and CERTIFICATION ACADEMY

HVCC EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE provides our students with the finest in solar wind technology training leading to full certification as installers and designers.  Our students are taught by one of the major certified training companies in the US. We also utilize the talents of EverBlue and HANERGY AMAERICA SOLAR. engineers as instructors for solar design.  

​Solar Wind "Integrated Solution Sets" involves many aspects of the solar wind hybrid technology. 

​​​We look at the development teams, funding and how to incorporate the Indian Nations and Veterans in the installation and management of the facilities, the use of high technology in the process including UAVs Drones for many applications from surveying, mapping to maintenance and protection from HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP.

HVCC SOLAR WIND is the only company in the world who offers rentals, and in-house leasing of UAV DRONES for SOLAR WIND PROJECTS.

                                                                                                                              UAV DRONE TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION ACADEMY

 HVCC UAV DRONE Training is one of the keynote Programs of HVCC Educational Institute. 

 HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP is the only company in the world that provides complete Integrated Solutions Sets for UAV DRONEs. This unique program combines many different companies’ services and products into one "Integrated Solution Set" to provide a seem less solution for their clients.

Example: One their prison systems their combine their fully secured encrypted monitoring center located in Va.,  Dedrone Anti-Drone Security systems with DRONEs with full video output to connect into the RingCentral Collaborations Platform with the capability of delivering full video and integrated collaboration to over 20 police cars on their computer screen. 

This "Integrated Solution Sets" will be tough at HVCC Educational Institute. 

 ​HVCC Educational Institute is responsible for all training for HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP from any provider including Dedrone, DroneShield, Fortem, Percepto, Skyward, DroneDeploy, Dartdrone  and others. 

​HVCC Educational Institute will be responsible for providing all certifications for flight and ground school for HVCC UAVDRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP. 

HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP is responsible for the total UAV, Drone, UUV and Anti-Drone protection programs of the largest project ever being developed in the Greater Caribbean.

We feature Dedrone Technology and Solutions in all our training and at all WorldGate Community International projects worldwide.

                                                                                                                                          HVCC MONITORING CENTER TRAINING ACADEMY

HVCC EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE MONITORING CENTER TRAINING is designed to training students in the operations and monitoring of critical visual, audio and data that is monitored at the HVCC MONITORING CENTER located in Pa, Va. This is the brains of a very suffocated center where every flight of our UAV DRONEs and every activity of our DEDRONE Clients are monitoring.

This training is restricted to student that have and will need to pass complete and heavy backgrounds. The requirements are strict but when accepted and graduate from this course it is an honored position in HVCC.  This is a security position and falls under the directions of the CEO and Director of Security, Mr. Andrew R. Butts.  


The HVCC Oil & Gas Academy was developed to provide training in all aspects of the oil & gas industry. The Academy focus is on a multi-disciplinary approach. The disciplines are extracting, terminals, transportation, sales, purchasing, storage, storage, security and sustainability.

Each area will be analyzed and broken down into the elements of the process.

The Academy will bring in leading experts from around the world utilizing our INTERACTIVE COLLEGE NETWORK VIDEO AND COLLIBRATION PLATFORM to discuss each part of the process and how it works in real time.

HVCC Oil & Gas Academy presents how it is building one of the largest oil tank farm and LNG Storage & Relay Center in the world in the Greater Caribbean.

The Academy also presents the complex institutive of developing a program of bringing together the Pennsylvania Government, the Marcellus Drilling LNG Sellers, International Guaranteed Buyers, HVCC Oil & Gas Tank Farm LNG Storage & Relay Center in the Caribbean and the Greater Caribbean Governments to form an unbeatable consortium for the mutual benefit of all.

HVCC Oil & Gas Academy  is the only place this is taught and 99% of the graduates will be hired by HVCC Oil & Gas.

                                                                                                                              DEEP CEMENT MIXING TECHNOLOGY ACADEMY

The DCM ACADEMY is where the amazing technology of DEEP CEMENT MIXING will be taught in both classroom as well as on the job experience.

The very Campus the are standing on is a product of DCM Technology. They will learn the applicational of the technology, the requirement, the projects that have and are being done, the analysis required before the process, the types of cements used, the application process and much more.

The DCM Academy utilizes experts for the finest national and international engineering companies to explain each step in the process. This is done by our INTERACTIVE COLLEGE NETWORKS amazing platform.

Deep Cement Mixing (DCM) is a civil engineering deep foundation technique where a binder material, typically cement, is injected into the ground for ground stabilization and land reclamation. In ground stabilization applications it is typically used to obtain a better load bearing capability of the existing soil, etc. in order to bear buildings and other structures. The restrictions for development of these massive projects have been eliminated.

WORLDGATE COMMUNITY INTERNATIONAL project are all built using DCM TECHNOLOGY. This advanced method of construction will allow our vast project to be completed on time and on budget. DEEP CEMENT MIXING is more expensive upfront, but when you look at the cost of delay which standard construction reclamation techniques are known for, the cost is justified, and with the monetized value of the project at over $80,000,000,000 when open, the decision was simple. Also, the time to completion is cut in about half and allows WorldGate Community International  project to be built concurrently with our Modular Direct building schedule to completion and  HVCC ASSEMBLY & LOGISTIC GROUP meet the opening dates we set. 

                                                                                                                                    HVCC EPW DEFENSE ACADEMY

The HVCC EPW Defense Academy is for students who are interested in protecting the United Stats against the possibility of attack from Electronic Pulse Weapon.

The Academy will teach the advanced techniques and requirement of developing a EPW Defense Center, what a SCIF is, why TEMPEST is so important, why the use of solar arrays are required, storage of investors, civil defense planning, armored vehicle requirements and why, law enforcement protection, medical equipment protection, self-sustaining water supplies, special operation training and requirements, food storage and much more.

The Academy provides training for operator of centers being built by HVCC EPW DEFENSE CENTERS across the country.

We hope these centers are never required buy more and more bad actors now have the capability of high-altitude nuclear explosions which will kill over two third of all people in the United States and the Greater Caribbean.


President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed an executive order aimed at protecting the nation's critical infrastructure from electromagnetic pulses weapons (EPWs), which can disrupt technology and could potentially create widespread blackouts.

The order calls for a government-wide policy to: improve understanding of EPWs' potential effects, strengthen critical infrastructure and improve national response plans. The order also calls for public-private coordination and federal research into improving EMP resiliency.

The Edison Electric Institute (EEI), which represents investor-owned utilities, hailed Trump's efforts at protecting infrastructure. The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) in 2016 began to study how EMPs could impact the grid; that study and its recommendations are expected next month.

 The utility sector has been watching EPWs as a threat for years, finding no easy solution to the pulses which could result from a natural event such as a large sun flare or a malicious attack that could involve detonating a nuclear device overhead.

In a statement, Energy Secretary Rick Perry called EMPs "a threat to our national security and energy security" and said the order "sends a clear message to adversaries that the United States takes this threat seriously."

The order clarifies federal agency roles and responsibilities, takes steps to improve information sharing between the government and private industry, and directs federal agencies to coordinate, in preparation for an EMP event.

The order also calls for identifying critical infrastructure at greatest risk from EPWs, improving understanding of the pulses' impacts, improving response plans and strengthening critical infrastructure to withstand the possible impacts.

EEI Vice President for Security and Preparedness Scott Aaronson applauded the order and the President's "ongoing focus on protecting critical infrastructure."

“How an EPW may impact critical infrastructure is an extremely complex issue that cannot be solved with a one-size-fits-all solution," Aaronson said. He added that "sound policy should be informed by sound science," pointing to EPRI's upcoming report, which is expected to include recommendations for "mitigation approaches and investments."

The order comes about a month after a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official testified that a high-altitude nuclear detonation could have "potentially severe" impacts on the electric grid.
"Consequences of a successful nuclear EPW attack ... may include long-term damage to significant portions of the Nation’s electric grid," said Brian Harrell, assistant director for infrastructure security at DHS, told a Senate committee.

Harrell also said, however, that the intelligence community "currently has no specific, credible information indicating that there is an imminent threat to critical infrastructure from an EPW attack."

                                                                                                                    NATIONAL GRID SECUTITY PROTECTION ACADEMY

The National Grid Security Protection Academy is a combined academy teaching the skills of HVCC UAV DRONE Technology Group, HVCC EPW Defense Centers and HVCC REIT Solar as a method of security for the power grid in the United States and the Greater Caribbean.

The power grid in the US is so vulnerable and simple to being down it is scary. There have been many statewide brownouts some are causes but animals and others by bad actors.

Our power stations and substations are not protected by the utility companies at all. With the advent of drones that can steal data and change data it is even worse. Every power or substation is protected by an 8 to 12-foot fence but Drones don’t care about fences the simple fly over them. Drones can now carry over 55 lbs. of high explosives or chemical agents. They can fly over 2000 miles below radar. We know because HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY is a leading provider of these drones for construction, mapping, surveying and first responders.

We are also one of the leading providers of anti-drone technology in the world. We have locations in the US and Caribbean where we are deploying up to 400 hundred anti-drone systems to protect the country.

Our National Grid Security Protection Academy was developed to offer the most advanced training on how these systems work and how to deploy the systems to protect the critical grid.

Who are the manufactures of the systems how are the installed. Who new equipment is HVCC combining with these systems to enhance their capability.

Our Academy teaches relief examples and solutions. We bring in the greatest experts in the world to provide training and for seminars to enhance the classroom experience. We work on real equipment in the lab and test systems for our clients at our facilities.

                                                                                                                                                HVCC CULINARY ARTS ACADEMY

The HVCC Culinary Arts Academy is a part of the HVCC Educational Institute work study program. HVCC Educational Institute utilizes a group of College and University programs to provide this training. HVCC Educational Institute also has full facilities at it Barrack Campus for large Food Services and Catering Services training. 

​Over 90% of students entering this program are employed by HVCC Family of Companies. 

Each student works part time in our facilities and attends class part of the day and evening. The program can lead to a full scholarship at a major culinary institute such as the Culinary Institute of America. 

                                                                                                                                        The Culinary Academy is in Johnstown, PA.

 Our Academy houses a complete training facility with classrooms, multiple chef quality kitchens, bakeries, management offices. Also located in the Culinary Academy is the main dining facility for the students on campus.  The Culinary Academy provides all food service on the campus both for students, staff and guests. 

The Culinary Academy in Johnstown PA can house one hundred students under our Program. The facility has multiple dining rooms and rooms for banquets for up to 400 people. The students will attend classes, as have practical experience working on major catering projects and will have full access to the other programs available to our Culinary Academy Students on our main campus.

                                                                                                                              HOSPITALITY and  HOTEL MANAGEMENT ACADEMY

 The HVCC Hospitality and Hotel Management Program teaches our student complete management techniques in accounting, front desk, internal auditing, housekeeping management, scheduling, banquets management and much more.  

 HVCC Educational Institute places over ninety (90%) of our graduates in properties owned or operated by HVCC Family of Companies.

The Hospitality/Hotel Services Training Center offers complete training and certification program as well as real life practical experience in Hospitality and Hotel Operations and Management. With over one close to 500 thousand square feet of managed space and over 400 dorm and staff rooms and residences the HVCC EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE offer a unique training facility both in classroom as well in practical management experience in all phases of Hospitality and Hotel Management.

                                                                                                                                                              TRADE SCHOOLS

 The HVCC Trade Schools are part of our work study program. The students attend class in their chosen field of carpentry, drafting or electrical part of the day and work co-op part of the day getting on-hands experience within the HVCC Family of Companies.  

Ninety (90%) of those who graduate will be employed by HVCC Family of  Companies.

The Trade school will house a wide range of courses for our students who wish to pursue a career in the technology trades. Our certification courses will include UAV DRONE technology, UAV DRONE repair and maintenance, solar installation and repair, installation and repair of Dedrone Security Systems, electrical, computer cabling, fiber cabling, fiber installation and splicing, telephone cabling, power backup and UPS systems installation, etc.

HVCC has added a new CDA program to it trade school for 2019 in conjunction with CDA Technical Institute that of commercial hard hat divers. This program will cover both classroom as well as practical training at CDA training facilities in Florida and St Kitts.

Our courses as designed to provide a trade skill which is utilized in our Technology Center and Knowledge Center, so our trade students have the same opportunity to work with the greatest minds in the country as do our technology Honor Students. They will work and learn hand in hand with each other. The Trade School Classrooms will be out fitted the same as the College Class Rooms with the latest technology with each room also having the latest in video training libraries on each trade to select from. Classes will be taught on-site as well as over our Affinity Extended Video Network the same as our college and University programs.

HVCC has three facilities in Johnstown which will be utilized to as projects for the work sturdy program in all trades. These facilities will be purchased by Honor Valor Courage Corporation.

                                                                                                                                                  INTERACTIVE COLLEGE NETWORKS

The INTERACTIVE COLLEGE NETWORKS is a division of HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION and a major revenue center. INTERACTIVE COLLEGE NETWORKS is part of the NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATION INSTITUTE support program at 15% of EBITS and part of our educational network for colleges and universities. The network from RingCentral allows INTERACTIVE COLLEGE NETWORKS to bring classes from other colleges and universities to be taught in our classrooms. INTERACTIVE COLLEGE NETWORKS also provide this service to other universities and colleges to increase their veteran enrollment for distance learning. This is a tuition-based programs where INTERACTIVE COLLEGE NETOWRKS provides this service. 

Education is the foundation for our future, yet nowhere else are budgets and resources so limited, and stakeholders so demanding. INTERACTIVE COLLEGE NETWORKS web & video conferencing can help educators and administrators face these challenges by providing virtual classroom software for web & video conferencing that is far more flexible, and far more affordable, than room-based systems. And most importantly, it extends the reach and effectiveness of teachers and staff.

Today, forward-thinking educators, and their IT departments, can take advantage of our turnkey video conferencing platform and their existing networks — no costly infrastructure components required. Video conferencing in education is imperative for online teaching and tackling distance challenges. Use INTERACTIVE COLLEGE NETWORKS to support virtual classrooms, e-learning, blended learning, online seminars, web tutoring, remote interpreting, or any other purpose that brings students and teachers together. 

 ​​RingCentral Unified Communication conferencing is ideal for situations that require two-way communication and the visualization of teaching materials. The customizable user interface allows educators to use a variety of content layouts and user permissions to best suit their specific needs. Control a learning session’s pace, open Q&A and interactive activities, while sharing documents, applications, and desktops with students. INTERACTIVE COLLEGE NETWORKS provide the tools to create a learning environment where the teacher commands how and when students interact with the host and other participants.

INTERACTIVE COLLEGE NETWORKS was developed help small colleges and universities to expand their enrollment and therefor their tuition revenue without the requirement to use any capital expenditures. The current on-line programs of most colleges are very lacking in many respects. First most colleges and universities who offer on-line course must increase the payroll by adding staff and instructor to run a separate program just for the on-line program. Second the on-line instructors really have no idea who is taking the class at any time since they cannot see the students. Third the students do not feel part of the college of university which leads to increase and high dropout rates for the program. Forth the Students cannot participate in the college or university extra circular actives such as watching sports which builds the comradery and support of the college or university therefor increasing alumni support and revenue.  

Another issue for small colleges and universities is the cost of outfitting the classroom with excellent equipment and systems as well hiring staff to manage and service the on-line network system. 

                                                                                                            Interactive College Networks solves all these issue and problem! 

 Interactive College Networks allows the college to expand their enrollment and tuition without and requirement for Capital expense, the professors and instructors see all students just like the are sitting in the classroom, no need for addition teachers, professors, or professor for on-line courses, student feel part of the class and not external to it and the students can take part in all extra circular active like sports just like being there which increases support for the alumni and donations. Interactive College Networks also eliminates the cost of  implementing the program for the College or University by providing  complete systems at no cost the college or university for the life of the program. 

                                                                                                               THE NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCTATION INSTITUTION

 The NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION Ebensburg Campus will offer a complete degree granting program through participating Colleges and Universities located in through Pennsylvania.

 The NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE CAMPUS will be the only CAMPUS in the WORLD that is built from the ground up to be completely SOLAR-WIND-BATTERY-DER powered.

​All programs taught under the  HVCC Educational Institution work study program will be utilized and available at the NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUE as well as all scholarship programs for those students. HVCC EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE is the sister INSTITUTE of the NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE. HVCC EDUCATIONAL INSTITUE  is focused on trades education whereas the NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE is focused on veteran’s academic education with degrees and careers requiring advanced education. HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION considers these as hand in hand programs and work to integrate both in to all its multi-disciplinary programs.  One cannot function without the other and this is a keynote concept in the education programs for veterans. 

The entire 155 acres Campus, roads and buildings will be built by modular construction on a platform of solid concrete Modular Direct. This is the same model used by WORLDGATE COMMUNITY INTERNATIONAL on all projects. Modular Direct and our acclaimed Architect David L. Wallace know this process as do our other engineers and seventy partner companies. This process greatly decreases the time to build and the ease of construction.

 All Unified  Communication will be from RingCentral which is cloud base. All internal building wiring will be performed at the Modular Direct factory by HVCC TELECOMM DATACOMM WORLD.

The major feature of this campus is that will be totally Solar powered off-grid with no on-grid power source by a 20 MW solar field, thin film solar roof tiles, and other thin film solar technologies, all buildings are built with modular co Instruction technology and all building will be burn proofed by applying TEMP-COAT FB-520. This campus will be a showcase for modern construction technology. 

The Campus building houses the college administrative offices that interface with the partnering colleges and universities, the fifty fully equipped interactive video classrooms, study room, library and computer labs. The student will attend classes in one of our Extended Interactive Classrooms. Each room is equipped with surround wall 60 to 100-inch HD televisions with HD full duplex sounds system built into the ceilings for total interactive response with both the professor as well as other students in other classrooms on in remote locations around the world. The students and professors can share documents, files, DVDs and other information. Each class can be recorded for later play back if a student misses a class. All classroom systems and remote education is provided by INTERACTIVE COLLEGE NETWORKS.

The Dorms are designed to grow from one hundred single dorm rooms to one thousand rooms with a modular design, making additions fast and simple to accommodate the rapid growth planned at our facility. Each dorm room will be fully equipped with the latest technology including room to room video interactive collaboration. The Trade School Dorms will be housed in the same buildings but separated from the college dorm due to the demands of the military discipline demanded of the student attending our college program. 

​​The Technology Center/Knowledge Center is divided into the two-different function. First, the Technology Center will consist of many top-rated technology companies with their own equipment and technology utilizing the center as a development lab for new innovative products. Universities Research Departments will also be located at the Center allowing the power of their research programs to interface with the best technology minds is a very powerful combination for problem solving.  These new innovative technologies can then be combined with other companies and Universities Research Departments located at the Center to develop solutions that before were thought impossible. The power of CO-OPATITION is born. Many different companies and technologies working together as one to solve a common requirement. NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE will act as a prime on contracts or as a sub-contractor on DOD, commercial, medical, entertainment, and educational contracts, and bring the combined power of all the technologies as one to that bid or contract requirement. A full Tempest Lab will be located at the Technology Center for testing and development as required. There will be a sperate high-end living quarters with 100 rooms and suites for executives, staff, technical and engineers at the Technology Center for company employee working on projects and contracts at the NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE.

The Co-Location Data Center will provide the data center for the Technology Center and Knowledge Center but also will provide a complete secured data center for clients both government as well as non-government. The center will feature the latest in data center technology as well as the highest level of both technical and physical security. At one hundred thousand square feet it will be one of the largest secured data centers in the eastern US. The Center will operate totally on its own power grid from the rest of the Campus with multiple input points to multiple power sources. All power to all servers and computers will be delivered from clean power for DER Trickle Cell battery backup systems and these systems will be backed up with SOLAR POWER. All backup generators are housed in attach proof cages.

This will also create one of the largest Knowledge Center in the United States where companies, governments, education, entertainment and medical can come for solution from the greatest combined Knowledge Group in the country.

The Secured Data Center will house all computer, servers and other technology of all the technology partners and will run twenty-four, seven, three sixty-five. The center will run on full duel inbound solar power source’s with full DER. All power is then sent to battery backup trickle cells and all technology is run off ADVANCED cell backup and never off, direct power or battery UPS systems, with kick over time even in mill seconds.

The Secured Data Center will be a certified FSC and meet all requirements. In addition will be secured by our Special Operations Group, not by normal security personal. The Center Personnel will have secured access and gateway to the SCIF, if so required and if clearances are approved. 

The Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) will be a fully certified one hundred seat, fully contained crisis data recovery center. This will be the largest Private SCCDRC SCIF in the United States. The SCDRC SCIF contains full one hundred seat capacity, with full redundancy, operational mirrored with the client’s current operational location to minimize down time during crisis. The SCIF will also have its own secured living quarters and food service when on RED ALERT. No one will be allowed in or out of the secured area of the SCIF which the perimeter will always be secured  even when not on ALERT, by our Special Operation Teams. A no pass zone will be established of fifty feet around the perimeter of the SCIF Building. The SCIF will house its own data center and will have multiple fiber runs from various directions coming in at various depths in different conduit into the SCIF. The Power for the SCIF will be designed in the same manner. The SCIF power and fiber will be completely independent from power and fiber to the rest of the campus.

The Training Center is a fully equipped athletic facility equipped with the very latest in equipment for both cross training, bodybuilding, power lifting and UFC training. Each area is separated into its own training program. The facility also features a full Olympic training lane pool as well as an open pool for recreation swimming. There is a full indoor and outdoor rubberized track for There is also a separate training center specifically for special operation personnel training. Fitness training is a requirement for all students at NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE.

​The Dorms are designed to grow from one hundred single dorm rooms to one thousand rooms with a modular design, making additions fast and simple to accommodate the rapid growth planned at our facility. Each dorm room will be fully equipped with the latest technology including room to room video interactive collaboration. The Trade School Dorms will be housed in the same build but separated from the college dorm due to the demands of the military discipline demanded of the student attending our college program.























​A United States Veterans Education Initiative