The NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE is bring built in Ebensburg, Pa. Johnstown, PA. as a Project of HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION and HVCC FAMILY OF LLC. COMPANIES under a (MOU) Memorandum of Understanding with NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INNSTITUTE. HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION AND HVCC FAMILY OF LLC. COMPANIES will provide SUPPORT  of 15% of their net profits (EAIT)  back to NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE for the continuous education of our veterans. 

Honor Valor Courage Corporation and the HVCC Family of LLC. Companies as the FACILITATOR OF ALL PROJECTS and PROGRAMS works on a percentage of the negotiated profit, commission or in-kind value of each Build to Own Partners (BOP), Naming Rights, Partners, In-Kind Investors, Medical Developers, Sports & Entertainment Program and Development Partners to the project under a negotiated agreed to MOU and Agreement.

Our commissions, negotiated percentage, or in-kind Value normally does not exceed the standard commission, percentage or value paid to the companies highest compensated, commissioned sales executive, agent or executive that has the ability to bring this caliber and level of project to his or her company.

This percentage is based on the projected value of the awarded project and ongoing residual value over the life of the contract. This FACILITATOR and PROJECTS fees ranges from 5% to 30% depending on the negotiated agreement between Honor Valor Courage Corporation and Build to Own Partners (BOP), Naming Rights, Current Partners Agreements, In-Kind Investors, Medical Developers Providers and Sports & Entertainment Partners and Development Partners.

HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION and HVCC FAMILY OF COMPANIES are developing three major resorts in the Greater Caribbean under this same type MOU Program. 

NATIONAL VETERANSEDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE is centered on a work study format in which our student receive both classroom instruction as well and practical on hands work experience at the same time. No matter which area of  training the Veterans enter at NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE they will go to class part of the day and work in one of many HVCC Family of LLC Companies in our career programs part of the day in their chosen field. This co-operative education approach is the key to NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE.  

​NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE programs feature careers that are meaningful for todays veterans and their families and not just a job. Each program has been evaluated as to the growth in that industry, the current salaries being earned and well as the future salaries and where the career fit within the HVCC Family of LLC Companies. 

​​NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE is also a provider of careers for our graduates through the HVCC Family of  LLC Companies where over 90% of the graduates will be employed. Each educational program at the institute is designed to equip the student with knowledge to enter and advance in a career in one of the LLC companies in the HVCC Families of LLC Companies. 

NATIONAL VETERANS ECUCATIONAL INSTITUTE  uses a distributed education process where the Campuses are located though out the country to enable it to reach as many veterans as possible and allow them to live at home or as close to home as possible. NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE offers unique education and courses. In conjunction with our partners we are developing many unique careers in medical, UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), solar technology. These are what we call careers with contract. Meaning we have there contracts and after you have the training you have the career. 

Each campus is connected by our interactive video platform which allows for total interactive vided to video communication communications between students and instructions. The system features wall 100 plus screens extreme high definition with remote control cameras, with pan tilt control to provide close up of any person or object. The system can have access from you to nineteen other facility any one time allowing classes to be held in many locations at any one time. Any student from any location can control the system when passed control allowing more interactivity from student. The is no requirement for any student to have to have additions software on their system to preform  these features. This allows for the systems to be used by anyone anywhere. The software is also availably on IPhone and is FIFP140-2 Compliant which allows it to be used on government computers. This allow us to extend our programs to troops who are deployed, or on active duty and due to be discharges and which to begin the educations. The system is secured and fully encrypted with high level encryption on both video and audio.

Each campus will also be connected by a unified communication system that allows central call processing for all our locations and campuses. This system will eliminate the necessity of calls having to be made between locations and the frustration associated with it. One call can be transferred to any other location and if that person is not there leave one voice message. This system will be control and monitored in centralized secured center.


The NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE, ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE CAMPUS will be the only CAMPUS in the WORLD the is built form the ground up to be completely SOLAR-WIND-BATERY-DER powered.

The Campus building houses the college administrative offices that interface with the partnering colleges and universities, the fifty fully equipped interactive video class rooms, study room, library and computer labs. The student will attend classes in one of our Extended Interactive Class Rooms. Each room is equipped with surround wall 75 to 100-inch HD televisions with HD full duplex sounds system built into the ceilings for total interactive response with both the professor as well as other students in other class rooms on in remote locations around the world. The students and professors can share documents, files, DVDs and other information. Each class can be recorded for later play back if a student misses a class.

The Dorms are designed to grow in size from one hundred single dorm rooms to one thousand rooms with a modular design, making additions fast and simple to accommodate the rapid growth planned at our facility. Each dorm room will be fully equipped with the latest technology including room to room video interactive collaboration. The Trade School Dorms will be housed in the same build but separated from the college dorm due to the demands of the military discipline demanded of the student attending our college program.



The Technology Center/Knowledge Center is divided into the two-different function. First, the Technology Center will consist of many top rated technology companies with their own equipment and technology utilizing the center as a development lab for new innovative products. Universities Research Departments will also be located at the Center allowing the power of their research programs to interface with the best technology minds is a very powerful combination for problem solving.  These new innovative technologies can then be combined with other companies and Universities Research Departments located at the Center to develop solutions that before were thought impossible. The power of CO-OPATITION is born. Many different companies and technologies working together as one to solve a common requirement. HVCC ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE will act as a prime on contracts or as a sub-contractor on DOD, commercial, medical, entertainment, and educational contracts, and bring the combined power of all the technologies as one to that bid or contract requirement.

This will also create one of the largest Knowledge Center in the United States where companies, governments, education, entertainment and medical can come for solution from the greatest combined Knowledge Group in the country.

The Center will house all computer, servers and other technology of all the technology partners and will run twenty-four, seven, three sixty five. The center will run on full duel inbound power source’s with two backup generators. All power is then sent to battery backup trickle cells and all technology is run off ADVANCED cell backup and never off, direct power or battery UPS systems, with kick over time even in millo seconds.

The Center will be a certified FSC and meet all requirements. In addition will be secured by our Special Operations Group, not by normal security personal. The Center Personnel will have secured access and gateway to the SCIF, if so required and if clearances are approved. 

A full Tempest Lab will be located at the Technology Center for testing and development as required.

The Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) will be a fully certified one hundred seat, fully contained crisis data recovery center. This will be the largest Private SCCDRC SCIF in the United States. The SCDRC SCIF contains full one hundred seat capacity, with full redundancy, operational mirrored with the client’s current operational location to minimize down time during crisis. The SCIF will also have its own secured living quarters and food service when on RED ALERT. No one will be allowed in or out of the secured area of the SCIF which the perimeter will be secured at all times even when not on ALERT, by our Special Operation Teams. A no pass zone will be established of fifty feet around the perimeter of the SCIF Building. The SCIF will house its own data center and will have multiple fiber runs from various different directions coming in at various different depths in different conduit into the SCIF. The Power for the SCIF will be designed in the same manner. The SCIF power and fiber will be completely independent from power and fiber to the rest of the campus.

The Co-Location Data Center will provide the data center for the Technology Center and Knowledge Center but also will provide a complete secured data center for clients both government as well as non-government. The center will feature the latest in data center technology as well as the highest level of both technical and physical security. At one hundred thousand square feet it will be one of the largest secured data centers in the eastern US. The Center will operate totally on its own power grid from the rest of the Campus with multiple input points to multiple power sources. All power to all servers and computers will be delivered from clean power for DER Trickle Cell battery backup systems and these system will be backed up with SOLAR POWER. All backup generators are housed in attach proof cages.

​The Dorms are designed to grow in size from one hundred single dorm rooms to one thousand rooms with a modular design, making additions fast and simple to accommodate the rapid growth planned at our facility. Each dorm room will be fully equipped with the latest technology including room to room video interactive collaboration. The Trade School Dorms will be housed in the same build but separated from the college dorm due to the demands of the military discipline demanded of the student attending our college program.


​A United States Veterans Education Initiative