HVCC Security Group, LLC. 

HVCC Security Group is involved in all areas of security from physical, data, UAV Intrusion and force protection.

This division is under the direction of Andrew R. Butts CEO, DPO, CPO.  Andrew bring his expert experience in many areas of security and management to HVCC Security GroupAndrew is a Marine Corps Combat Veteran who serviced in Afghanistan.

HVCC Security Group is a provider of Dedrone Hardware and Software Systems. We protect you assets from unwanted drone and UAA attaches with letting friendly UAVs and DRONE fly. We protect Stadiums, data centers, solar farms, power substations wind power turbines and many other assets.    

HVCC Celebrity and Athletes Drone Security Group "For High Profile Clients" protects all assets including homes, car and people from drone attacks form drone or UAVs. This has become a major concern with high profile clients.  Actors, Athletes, Coaches are under attack from all types of intrusions, some are just announces and other are hostile  and want to kill or harm celebrity and athletes and other high profile people.  Our program keep you private and secure in and around your home form the air and gives your options on how to deal with any intrusions. 

HVCC Security Group is a provider of DRONE DEFENSE SERIES PROGRAMProtecting you​ assets from the  air-ground-sea-and cyber attacks.