HVCC FUEL & OIL GROUP is rapidly becoming a major provider of crude oil and LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) though out the world. HVCC FUEL & OIL provide Crude Oil, Aviation Fuel, Bunker Fuel, Heavy Crude and LNG to locations worldwide. 

Through our connections with the world markets in China and other major uses of Crude Oil and LNG HVCC LNG & OIL GROUP is expanding by leaps and bounds. The turmoil I Venezuela has caused a major crises in the world crude Oil and LNG supplies.  

Our project at Sauteurs Waterfront Destination which Honor Valor Courage Corporation is a Joint Venture partner in, with it huge oil tanks 10- 2.5 million gallons tanks which are to be refiled twice a month for ships going to and from China, Asia, U.S.A and Europe through the Panama Canal is a testament of the requirement for that port. www.sauteurswaterfrontdestinationholdings.world.  Sauteurs Waterfront Destination project currently planning 10 -2.5 million gallon tank farm with expansion to another 20- 2.5 million gallon tanks to estimated 30 total tanks.  Sauteurs Waterfront Destination has now added 20 - one million MT LNG Storage and& Relay Center.   

HVCC FUEL & OIL GROUP  is involved it the largest project ever developed in the Greater Caribbean. The Sauteurs Waterfront Development project at Sauteurs, Grenada. HVCC LNG & OIL GROUP is responsible for providing the buyers and markets for the 600,000,000 gallons of fuel & oil in the 10 one million gallon tanks. 

This fuel and oil will be sold to the cruise ships traveling in the Caribbean and freighters going to and from the Panama Canal back to Europe, US and Asia.

HVCC FUEL & OIL GROUP will be in charge of monetizing the sales of the LNG & OIL over a 20 year contract which will result in a monetized value of over eight billion dollars.