Interactive College Networks is a Delaware LLC. that provides the most advanced extended education platform ever developed for Local to Global Classrooms

Classes can be held with 2 to 200 students
Full video to video capability to view everyone and fully interact with each other including the Professor

Full collaboration with document, power point and whiteboard sharing with annotation
Full recording of all classroom sessions for on-demand attendance
Unlimited usage

Our platform is center around the Omnijoin Brother video platform
Used by many Colleges and Universities including Virginia Tech and Cal State for administration and management
Over 5000 clients including Army, NASA, NONA, FAA and major corporations for over 19 years
ICN adapted this powerful technology for extended classrooms

We offer two programs for Colleges and Universities - Installed either as  SaaS, or on a dedicated University or College server
1.-A Seat License where the University or College develops their own programs and receives the revenue.
2.-Revenue Sharing where ICN owns the seat licenses and provides revenue sharing to the University or College

ICN will help develop either program for a University or College and provide complete installation, maintenance, updates and training. As well as 24/7 Support

•Interactive College Management Network: This program allows the college or university to have interdepartmental video2video communications and meeting whenever they desire and can stay as an open platform for instance communications.
•Campus Police Network: The campus police program allows full vide2video between every police car and the police command center. Each officer can see the other officers and command officers and see what they are seeing. Blue prints of campus building, photos of suspects and other documents can be shared on a secured encrypted network. Officer and command are no longer operating blind when there is a major instance and immediate response is required with video communication.
•Video-to-Video Reunion: You when to school with some of the closest friends you will ever know but once you get home, everyone went back from where they came from and you never really get to see them again. Now, with ICN Reunion you can meet as often as you like with up to 25 friends, being able to see each other and talk without a phone.  It is just like being in the same room again.

•Teacher to Prison: This program allows prisons to offer educational courses with full interaction between inmates and teachers without the inherent problem associated with in person interaction. Inmate can now be taught by some of the country’s finest teachers and professor for life changing educational training.  This will be a closed restricted network only accessible by inmate through prison computers and networks.
•Broadcasting Network (MCNTV): The ICN Broadcasting and Training Network offers colleges and universities full live HDTV quality TV broadcasting worldwide. Without the high cost of owning and managing the own studio.
•ICNMobile: Allows students the ability to attend a class or broadcasting on their iPad, iPhone, Android, or other streaming enabled mobile device.

•The first and only network to provide a Student Showcase where students can privately display their talents
and grades for recruiters•A revolutionary way for students to showcase themselves online to colleges.
•   .Students now have a place to post videos, their grades, work, talents, accomplishments, and recommendations.
It is completely private and can only be viewed by recruiters.• Recruiters now have a unique and easy way to find, pre-screen and recruit students – all from one place.

No hardware server requirements
•No storage requirement other than what is used for recording video2video classroom sessions
•Laptop or desktop computers
•Standard webcam
•Can utilize any camera set up including full pan tilt HD camera
•Recommend headsets and mics
•Can be sent to any large screen media device

•Standard laptop
•Standard webcam
•Access to high speed internet