HVCC FOOD GROUP  has received an test order for 500 TONs (1,000,000,000 lbs.) of fresh fast frozen Fish from the Great Lakes through our exclusive agreements with the NATIVE AMERICAN AND CANADIAN tribes. This order is for  is a test order and will be increased for al additional orders. This order is for China. 

HVCC FOOD Group has also received an order from China for 1000 TONS of French Fries. This will become a five year contract for 1000 TON per month (2,000,000,000 lbs.)

HVCC FOOD GROUP will be adding fresh organic Amish and Minonite grown fruits and vegetables as well as pure organic feed beef and poultry this spring.  We will carry a full line of non-preservatives Jelly's and Preserves form the Amish and Minonite communities. This is a exclusive program from HVCC FOOD GROUP.     

HVCC FOOD GGROUP has added sugar beets and sugar to our export list of products.

                                                                                                                                                      WHAT HVCC FOOD GROUP DOES 

The HVCC FOOD GROUP is involved in the procurement of food for our facilities and projects as well as for our clients on a wholesale basis. 

HVCC FOODS will be the supplier for the largest project ever developed in the greater Caribbean at SAUTEURS WATERFRONT DESTINATION.  HVCC FOOD GROUP will supply both the food for the development crews and staff but also provide going food supply to the 2000 room hotel, casino, convention center, medical center , harbor, ports and entertainment facilities through HVCC ASSEMBLY and LOGISTIC GROUP. 

HVCC FOOD GROUP provide percurrent services for international clients on many different types of food products including fresh water fish. Through the Great Lake Indian Nations both US Indian Nations and Canadian Nations. 

HVCC FOOD GROUP also works with HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP on new technologies to increase the yield of crops and the catch of commercial fishing.