Honor Valor Courage Corporation

The HVCC FOOD GROUP is involved in the procurement of food for our facilities and projects as well as for our clients. 

HVCC ASSEMBLY & LOGISTIC GROUP is responsible for all warehousing, inventory, inventory management, logistic, shipping of food products and frozen foods to WorldGate Community International projects and Veterans National Center & Technology Educational Institute Campuses. HVCC ASSEMBLE & LOGISTIC GROUP utilizes frozen, cold and shelf storage in our warehouses.

HVCC FOOD GROUP receives has contract with Northern Waters Fish Company for fresh lake fish catch in the Great Lakes by Canadian Native Indians Fishing Fleet. This is an exclusive contract with Northern Waters Fish Company. Northern Waters Fish Company also supplies crab, lobster, all kings of saltwater fish, pork and even bison products from Manitoba, Canada.

HVCC FOOD GROUP has exclusive contracts with RailRoad City Food Services to provide fresh vegetables, beef, poultry, and pork form the Amish growers and producers in Pennsylvania and Ohio.  

HVCC FOODS will be the supplier for the largest project ever developed in the world at WorldGate Community International.  HVCC FOOD GROUP will supply both the food for the development crews and staff but also provide going food supply to the 1000 room hotel, casino, convention center, medical center, harbor, ports and entertainment facilities through HVCC ASSEMBLY and LOGISTIC GROUP. 

HVCC FOOD GROUP provide current services for international clients on many different types of food products including fresh water fish. Through the Great Lake Indian Nations both US Indian Nations and Canadian Nations. 

HVCC FOOD GROUP works with major food companies it the United Stated to purchase the finest and freshest food for our client and projects.