HVCC Broadcasting and Television Network, LLC.

CEO, Cirina Catania

HVCC Broadcasting and Television Networks, LLC. is being developed to provide training in both these exciting field for our veterans. Training will be done by the top people in there field. Training will be in areas of television marketing, editing pre and post, camera on site, reality shows producing, in-studio camera, combat camera work, commercials and more. The new offices and studio will be located in Burbank, CA in the middle of the movie, TV and entertainment world.

 We also provide complete broadcasting, for all your events and sports. We have experienced camera crews and production teams to handle and assignment. HVCC Broadcasting and Television Network, LLC can manage you total production and broadcast from end to end. We are facilitators on contracts of any size production in any environment. Long term or short term contracts are availably.  We can produce complete movies, commercials for businesses, documentaries, scripts or screenplays of any size. We have heavy experience in marketing your product in the media and markets you wish to connect with and drive the production into the right venues.   

The Network will be under the direction of  CEO, Cirina Catania who has a long history of success in both major studio and independent film environments. She has created everything from feature-length films to television series to ground breaking music videos. She has covered Danny Glover in South Africa during his travels for the UN Goodwill Ambassador Programme, shot avalanches control training footage for the  National Ski Patrol, written and directed 48 popular webisodes for Chavas Regal and MSN, post supervised Mi3 Collector's Edition DVD. She has shot reality TV series as a "Untold Stories from the ER", "Southern Steel," "Worst Case Scenario," and "Merge."

Cirina is an active member of the Producer Guild of America, Writers Guild of America, the Publicist Guild, the National Ski Patrol and IATSE. In the near past Cirina was a successful studio executive, 8 years at MGM-UA in the worldwide theatrical division as VP Worldwide Marketing. Cirina won the Inky Award in 2009 for "Fab FreeLancer."

Cirina has has produced and directed numerous marketing campaigns in various capacities for over 100 major motion picture and mini-series including, "Rainman,", "Tombstone,", "Stargate,", "Yentl," "The Arrival," "Les Miserables," "Rocky IV," four James Bond films, "Poltergeist," and "Total Recall,"

During her tenure as VP of Worldwide Marketing and Chief Operation Officer of United Art she managed an average yearly budget of $200 million.

Cirna is the one of the Co-Founder of the Sundance Film Festival. 

As in all Honor Valor Courage Corporations Training programs, we have been there and done that. Experience is the best teacher. 

UAV training in operations and flight will be taught at the United States Veterans Educations Institute with specialized training in UAV Operations, tied back to Honor Valor  Courage  Broadcasting and Television camera training to utilized this new technology. USVEI is on the leading edge of UAV Broadcasting  with its UAV Television and Broadcasting Programs.