Honor Valor Courage Corporation Choice Program Consulting

Honor Valor Courage Corporation not only consults on the eligible of the hospital, clinic, urgent care or Physician offices but also develops a complete twenty (20) point plan to help develop the marketing plan to make your Veterans Choice Program a success. With a out a plan to bring the veterans into the facility you are only building and hoping they will come program. Honor Valor Courage Corporation Choice Program Consulting works with the veterans, veterans community, DoD, Veteran Administration and other medical professionals to achieve the most for our clients and the Veterans Choice Program.    

Honor Valor Courage Corporation is one few major corporation involved in the Veterans Choice Program. This is a wonderful program to help our all our veterans. But as with all government programs you must know the rule and regulations. How to apply for coverage, who is eligible for coverage, what are the requirement to file.  Both Veterans and medical facilities must file to become eligible to take part in the Choice Program.

Honor Valor Courage Corporation provide consulting services for hospitals, urgent care centers, private practices and clinics to insure the are in compliance and meet the requirements of the Choice Program.

We will work with all veterans to help them find what facility do meet the standards for billing to VA and Tricare Choice Program and will work with the veterans to make sure their claims are paid and help with any issues. This is a free services for all veterans from Honor Valor Courage Corporation Choice Program. We are here to help our veterans.  

The Veterans Choice Program was original set up and funded by the Veterans Administration in 2014. No one was aware of the program not the veterans or the hospitals who they were told they  could go to. Much confusion as to how it was set up, what was the requirements, who was eligible for the program. The VA was us sure, the Veterans were lost and the hospital had no clue.

I personally am a priority one Veteran having received three Purple Hearts in Viet Nam and a disability ration of 80% did not receive my Choice Care until in January one month after the VA stated that the program was not being used and they wanted to pull back the $10,000,000, 000 allocated for the program to be used for other VA uses. It appeared the money was needed for huge bonuses and parties for senior administration officials.

The Veterans Choice Program is now in place for till 2017 and it appears it will be for the next 20 years of so.

Now there is much confusion as to who is eligible, how do I know if the provider is eligible to treat me and how is the billing filed. 

This is also the questions that the provider of the medical services is asking also. How do I comply, what is covered and who do I bill for services. 

Let Honor Valor Courage Corporation Choice Program Consulting Service help you navigate this fantastic Veterans Program.